Outdoor training garmin connect

I have a new trainingsplan and want to combine indoor with outdoor and want to use my garmin connect.

The trainingsplan suggest this workout, which I think is way over the top for outdoor training, to many training blocks.

20 minutes @ RPE 2 – 45% of FTP – HR <70%
1 minutes @ RPE 3 – 55% of FTP – HR <75%
1 minute @ RPE 4 – 65% of FTP – HR <80%
1 minute @ RPE 5 – 75% of FTP – HR <85%
1 minute @ RPE 6 – 85% of FTP – HR <90%
30 seconds @ RPE 7 – 95% of FTP – HR <95%
30 seconds @ RPE 9 – 90-95% of AC (130-180% of FTP)
5 minutes @ RPE 2 – 45% of FTP – HR <75%

Main Effort
Number of Sets
Rest Between Sets
15 minutes @ RPE 2 – 45% of FTP – HR <75%
Interval Repeats per Set
Surge: 30 sec @ RPE 8.5 – 90% of MAP (105-130% of FTP)
Steady: 2 minutes 30 seconds @ RPE 7 – 90% of FTP – HR <100%

Extra Volume
19 minutes @ RPE 3 – 60% of FTP – HR <85%

Cool Down
5 minutes @ RPE 1.5 – <45% of FTP – HR <70%

Is there a way to automaticly download this workout in to Garmin Edge 830 and can someone explain to me which heart rate zone fits with these numbers!?

@Bowie70 I don’t think that is currently possible but the functionality may be on the horizon based on some prior conversation in the forum. I believe the current method is to select your plan within Training Peaks and then you can share the workout data with other platforms. Full disclosure - I don’t have Garmin Connect or Training Peaks so this is just based on what I have read (or thought I read). You might want to reach out to the minions if you cant get an answer in the forum.

Sufferfest training plans are not available within the Training Peaks program. I do know that if you purchase a customized SUF plan from a coach they can load TP with your training plan.

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They were and still are if you know where to look. However, they are no longer supported in Training Peaks and no longer get updated, so the workouts won’t be the same anymore as if you loaded it straight into the Suff App, so I wouldn’t recommend it. You’ll be missing out on the newer workouts, and the newer science and approach to rider type etc. You’d do better to build the outdoor workouts from your current plan into the Garmin or Training Peaks workout builder.

The indoor workouts were never possible to “export” for use outdoors which makes sence as they’re generally WAY more complicated and trying to execute them outdoors would be close to impossible.

As Scotty says, a custom plan can be loaded to TPs. But so can a regular plan. Once it’s in your Suff calendar, if you email the minions asking nicely they may just send you a link to upload it to Training Peaks.


This workout is pretty simple to remember actually. It’s the standard outdoors Suff warmup. Once you’ve done it a few times, you remember it. It’s pretty much the same for all the outdoor workouts. It’s a longer version of some of the indoor workout warmups where there’s a little ramp at the beginning then a couple of sprints to blow the cobwebs out.

The intervals are simple too. Think of it as a 30 sec power surge then tempo for 2 min then 15 min easy recovery spin at endurance. Repeat 4 times. Then add on some extra time at endurance pace to score the time in the saddle benefits then cool down.

I’d ignore the heart rate target if you have a power meter. HR isn’t a good metric for effort in short sharp intervals…in this case, you’d be done with the surge long before your HR gets to that level, so you’d end up sprinting at NM rather than surging at MAP trying to force your heartrate up. If you don’t have a power meter, think of the surge this way. You’re drafting on a wheel at tempo pace (you can ride that by HR) and the person in front of you pushes harder for a climb or you get blown off the back. You’re just putting down a bit more effort (over threshold and approaching MAP) to get back on their wheel. Or it’s like that little bit of extra power you put down when it’s your turn for 30 seconds on the front of your bunch and there’s a light head wind.

I just recreate the outdoor workouts in Garmin connect (either based on power or heart rate as you prefer) and then download them to the edge. Once you have got used to the quirkiness of the Garmin connect workout creator, it just takes a couple of minutes.