Outdoor training

If you only had 5 or 6 interval workouts, what might those be? I have enjoyed SUF training plans and virtual rides this winter. As the opportunity to ride outside comes, I want to continue the intentionality as I get stronger. I am on track to participate in a 100 mile gravel ride in 5 weeks.

If I have (interval) trainings in my SUF training plan I would like to execute outdoors, I use TrainingPeaks to create those manually and upload them to my Wahoo Elemnt. Or Polar Flow to upload to my V800 for my running. But beware a bit, your HR zones might be a bit different when exercising outdoors compared to indoor training. So maybe you should stick to RPE then.

What interval trainings you should do is very personal. There are tons of different opinions about it. Can’t help you with that, unfortunately.

Just based on internet research, something like

Tabatas (30/30s or some variation of that) around VO2 or Anaerobic zones
2-4 minutes at VO2 max
8-12 minutes at threshold
15+ minutes at tempo

Try to get like 2-3 sets of tabatas (like 6-10), 12-15 minutes at vo2 max in total, 20-40 minutes at threshold, 40+ minutes at tempo.

Depending on your fitness level, build up from lower end of ranges to higher end.

Of course this is just all based on random internet research so take it with a grain of salt