Outside workouts

Some suff outside workouts get a little complicated to remember. Carrying the workout on a bit of paper gets difficult to read under pressure, so I have been trying to load workouts into TP and download them into the bolt. My difficulty is that the workout builder has a drop down box for HR and each option offers a % of something. Is there a way of building and downloading a workout into the head unit using actual HR values?

FWIW, I do this too, and I don’t believe there is a way to input actual values. I have the Bolt set so it lights up with my HR zone - with the color coding, so make sure my zones are right in the app, and the colors work pretty well for me.

My two cents.

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No you just have to enter %'s until you get the range/target you want. I do it all the time in workout builder. Write down the %'s that correspond to the HR targets and it will save you time.

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Pre power meter I used RPE to get round the same issue. I would just put the RPE target in the interval name which would then pop up on the Bolt screen.