Doing planned workouts outside

Hi I am new here and new to the SYSTM app. I am still trying to get my head around everything because this is the first time I have used any techy stuff in my training which I am starting tomorrow. There seems to be no way to link the SYSTM app to my Bolt? so I can sync any planned workouts to the Bolt to ride outside. Pen and paper seems to be suggested as far as I can tell in the help articles that I have found. Is this correct? Also, if I do a planned ride outside (pen and paper style) and its not synced with the Bolt how do I get it to show up as completed on the weekly workout summary. I am sure things will become clearer once I start the free trial and get going, tomorrow is going to be a rapid learning curve I think. thanks everyone

You’re right: can’t be done. Maybe in the future. You also can’t go the other way and have an outside ride show in the calendar, although you can mark a workout as “Completed”.

For me, I can’t do structured intervals outside because of terrain, traffic and because I don’t want to. So the issue doesn’t matter to me.

For record keeping, SYSTM is poor. I use Strava to record all my workouts (indoor, outdoor, and non-cycling). I get decent analysis there too (others like different software for record keeping and analysis).

If you really want to load a workout on your Bolt, there are some preloaded workouts on the ELMNT app. You can use one of those. Or you can use Training Peaks to manually construct the workout and then send it to your Bolt. I only did that once, but think it works.

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Hi thanks for getting back to me. I presume then that having authorised Strava on the Systm app then any indoor rides that I do on the Systm app with automatically record on Strava? Yes, outdoor isn’t ideal for me either TBH was just wondering if it was possible. Training will be indoors and riding for fun or with the club will be outdoors. thanks again


Correct. And a good workaround (for now). Indoor/outdoor sync is a work in progress on SUFF.

To your initial question, if I take a SYSTM workout outside, I write it down, do the workout, let my Bolt (or Wahoo app) sync it to Strava, and just “mark as complete) in SYSTM.

Not ideal, hopefully not a forever workaround, but pretty much as you outlined. It’s never been that big an issue for me.


All the information thus for in the thread is correct.

I just want to add, at Wahoo we are working on allowing SYSTM workouts to be pushed out to the Bolt to be completed as outside rides. This feature is in the works.

Also, we are working on SYSTM calendar improvements, including adding workout data from Wahoo devices to the SYSTM calendar for tracking all your workout data.


At the risk of approbation for butting into someone else’s thread, I want to express my appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into the Sufferfest programming, routes, workouts, etc. and in the transition to SYSTM after the acquisition. Having switched from Zwift this year, I really like the real life videos, especially enjoying the On Location rides, and as a non-tech guy, can hardly fathom the brain power and hours it take to produce a single workout, much less putting together entire training programs over multiple weeks and months for thousands of riders with varying fitness levels, personal goals and expectations.

There are certainly features I like a lot, like less, hate and wish would be added now, but every time I ride a session, I am blown away that we are living in such times as these, that for $15/month we get the collective wisdom of decades of research coaching, riding and technological progress at our fingertips to make our workouts pay off in the real world out of doors.

Kudos, cheers and tailwinds to all!


I do this with all outdoor workouts and have replicated (or close enough) a couple of standard sessions as well (I forget which, but I know I did a HHNF lookalike). The TP workout builder is very easy to use and simple to sync directly to your bolt. It will even show up as today’s workout if planned in the TP calendar.

TBH I’m not bothered about a direct sync as the TP solution is more than sufficient for me. YMMV though of course, we all have a preferences and pinch points.