Outside workouts

I don’t understand how to use the Sufferfest app to do the outside training sessions. I recently started the metric century plan and today was the first time the weather was suitable to actually ride outside. So I got out there and it just lists what you are supposed to do and that’s it. How am I supposed to know when to start and stop each segment or what numbers to hit? Am i supposed to be using some other app to track my workout. Sorry for my ignorance. Any info on what to do will help.

If you click on the planned workout it will detail what you need to do. This link should help to explain it.

Understanding Outdoor Cycling Workouts in Your SUF Training Plan

You’ll need to do some maths based on your 4DP profile to know what your watt/HR targets should be. I use training peaks to create a workout based on the instructions and send it to my wahoo. Works great.

Do you need a premium subscription to Training Peaks to create your own workout?