Exporting outdoor ride plans to my bike computer

Hello. I’ve just signed up for the All-Purpose Road plan with outdoor sessions. Some of the outdoor rides look pretty involved.

Is there any way to export these from Sufferfest to my Wahoo Elemnt as Planned Workouts, so that my computer can do the thinking for me on the road? Perhaps by exporting them to Training Peaks first?

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By the way, in case there isn’t a way to do this directly, I’ve found that it’s possible to build a workout in Trainer Day and then export it to Training Peaks.

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I tend to use the workout builder in training peaks and link that to my elemnt bolt.

This is all well and good but surely Sufferfest can automate this to a Wahoo Element !?!

Hi there.

At present this isn’t something that’s built in to the software - its def on the list of things that people have asked for - but it’s not there right now.

If you’re a TrainingPeaks user and on a plan with outdoor rides then email the minions and they should be able to help you (in as far as getting the workouts in to TrainingPeaks anyway)

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Do you need to contact them each time you want to do an outdoor workout, or will they load them once for a plan?

This info may be out of date, doesn’t apply for all plans, but it’d be once per plan.

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Thanks, I’ll contact the Minions to see what they can do to help. Definitely on my wishlist of enhancements to the Sufferfest app is some combination of the following:

  • Ability to synch the calendar with my Google calendar (to have the activities easily viewable on my phone)
  • And/or an Android Sufferfest app which can let me view and notify me of upcoming activities
  • And/or Training Peaks calendar integration, to both notify me of upcoming activities via the TP app and to synch planned workouts to my computer
  • And/or direct integration of planned workouts with my Wahoo

So basically some combination of the above which would make activities easily viewable with reminders on my Android phone, and a way of getting those activities as Planned Workouts on my Wahoo.

In the meantime, the Trainer Day -> Training Peaks -> Wahoo approach works OK, even if it is a bit long winded (building workouts directly in TP is very limited unless you pay for a Premium account).

Won’t give you reminders but you can view the calendar on you phone using the web app https://sufapp.thesufferfest.com/#!/calendar

You can build .plan files directly and load them to your ELEMNT. I did that with a couple of workouts last year. I don’t have a power meter and I found trying to ride an outdoor workout just based on HR was heard to do