Over/Under Workouts

Other than team scream, which are good over/under workouts? Is there an easy way to search workout types with more granularity than just the “category?” In the details some “Endurance” workouts are tempo; some are sweetspot and others are threshold. Can these be sorted or search for type.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi - no other search options other than those you’ve already seen.

Angels, Batman intervals, even defender (sort of), FTp: over unders 3 sets 8x1, Tempo/Threshold/MAP …, The Bat … and Team Scream :slight_smile:

But what you call the simpler OU stuff necessarily but maybe worth a look …

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The Rookie, Angels, Fight Club, Hell Hath no Fury - all over/under, but no nice neat blue lines… scrappy and messy is a better description

Local Hero - starts with three sets of 6 min pyramids which start sub-ftp rising to just over threshold and back, with the rest of the intervals then mostly over-threshold. Just doing the warmup and the pyramids alone is a pretty tough workout