Local Hero - got through it thanks to MTP

Local Hero doesn’t look that hard to me when I look at the graph. 3x 6 mins at or below threshold shouldn’t be too bad. Then 5x 3 mins a little below MAP.
Well that was before I had new figures from my Half Monty last week with modest improvements, but risen to record figures for me. I also hadn’t accounted for the high cadence targets.

I was nearly destroyed by the first two FTP efforts but thanks to the MTP and especially the techniques from the Bat I got through it.
It wasn’t pretty and I was coaching myself out loud. I missed some of the cadence targets and had to stop pedalling immediately after each interval before spinning it out to the end of each recovery. But I kept going.

Afterwards I congratulated myself on what I had done well and the fact I had kept going without a pause in each interval, fighting the ERG death spiral with alternate standing and sitting on a number of occasions. Whereas without the MTP I would have previously berated my failings of stopping at the end of each interval.

The four sprint efforts at the end went well which gave me more to be proud of.

And all this got me thinking that we should congratulate SUF for what it does so well. The MTP is one part of that and I don’t know of any other cycle fitness rivals that do this.
The videos and enterpainment make the workouts so much easier to endure and the dad jokes distract in a great way.
I’m suspect other rivals could have got me fitness gains but I can’t believe i would have stuck with the training for over a year.
I’d never had a go at yoga but SUF has got me doing regular sessions.
Grunter knows me so well and that’s because of the 4DP approach.

So thanks SUF. I can’t wait to see what is coming (to all my devices).


And my new old school Sufferlandrian flag helps a lot too.

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They never look that hard on the graph!!!