Looking to find the right videos for a training plan I used a few years back by British cycling

Good morrow fine folk I’m looking for some pointers on a few workouts similar to British cycling ones If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great
Looking for

3x10min sweet spot

Sprint pyramid intervals


Speed work

Any help would be great fully appreciated
As I’m struggling to navigate the new app🤦‍♂️

Hi there,

For 3x10 min @ sweet spot I would suggest the Ian Boswell spikes video (3x10 + spikes).

For 40/20s, the best fit would be MAP micro intervals: 3 sets 40/20s, but that is a no-vid. If you wanted a video then The Chores would possibly be your best bet.

Are you able to be more specific about the other two sessions you are looking for?

Right off the top of my head, so maybe not exact matches (but worth trying, right?):

Who Dares

The Shovel

Half is Easy or The Chores


@chopster75 For speed work probably look at the racing videos. Not sure about the pyramid workout - have you looked at The Shovel or Violator?

The closest to 3 x 10 sweet spot would be “No Vid: 5 x 10” but skip to the cool down after the 3rd interval.

40/20’s are found in The Chores or No Vid: MAP Micro Intervals: 3 Sets 40/20’s. You’ll also find them (aka pain shakes) as part of Blender.

Pyramid intervals you could try The Shovel or Suf Idol.

For speed work do you mean something like Cadence Builds?

Hope that helps.