Pain Cave flooring question

Cheap solution is to use a entry way mat from Home Depot, Lowes, etc. It’s carpeted and plastic backed so no slip and impervious to sweat, oil, Gatorade. I vacuum it, and if it needs it, take it outside and hose it off. Something like this:

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No problem with the “jigsaw puzzle” mats that everyone here seems to be using too. However, for the yoga/strength workouts that include one-leg balancing, having a firmer surface for those exercises works better, at least for me. Maybe consider a section of your cave with only the thin padding?


A firm surface for one legged balancing certainly makes it easier, but is not a better workout.

For me, it’s two different things, a mat for under the bike/trainer and a mat to work out on. For working out, I use an old 8x10 rug and a 6mm Manduka yoga mat.

I sometimes use an upside down Bosu. That reveals all manner of balance issues!


I put down 1’ interlocking train tiles (just plastic grids with rubber feet from Amazon) with matting over it. Thinner, denser, tiles are better than the 1" thick ones, but they all work pretty well.

Make sure you get closed-foam tiles. Open foam get mildew after a while.

With a KICKR Climb, thick foam tiles tended to allow my KICKR to “jump” a little at 10+% grades.