Passport data unavailable (easily)

All data used to be available easily for perusal to evaluate most recent sufferfest exercise levels.

Now unfortunately this is unavailable. I strongly encourage wahoo to make these available and more readily readable format and available at a moments notice to review.
It allows for a better assessment of where we were and where we’re trying to get to In terms of our fitness levels.

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Hi @JonMInter and welcome. This is one of the (much requested and seemingly sorely missed, you are not alone!) features that didn’t make the initial release but, according to the minions, is coming soon. Here’s a link to the relevant comment from the launch post that says a bit officially more. Personally I’m confident that what we users will have will be better than what we did have when it does arrive. For now you can scroll back through the calendar to see previous workouts (just saying, agree that it’s not an ideal workaround).