PC lost BT trainer/sensors due to Windows Defender

Yesterday, I started workout and SYSTM couldn’t see any BT sensors. Tried turning everything off, restarting, still no joy. PC connected to other BT devices no prob. Android phone connected to BT sensors no prob. Did the workout using ANT+. Tried Zwift and it couldn’t see BT either. Shut down the computer, brought it into my office intending to troubleshoot the issue. Turned it on, started SYSTM and got a Windows Defender popup saying it was blocking BT for fitness apps!!!???. I checked the box to allow fitness apps and it worked after that.

Congratulations, I have NEVER heard of this, short of on a system with managed security. Is this a work machine?

Seriously, though, glad you got it figured out.

Yeah. It’s always worked before, including the day before. Maybe I got an update in the background. I had no idea Windows Defender blocked BT at all, much less selectively blocked BT connections based on type. If that popup hadn’t happened, it might have taken a while to figure out. IDK why the popup hadn’t shown up when I when I started SYSTM earlier to do the workout. I suspect others might run into this which is why I’m posting this.

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For sure. Like I said, Windows absolutely CAN block those connections, and can be configured to drop them based on type, protocol, etc., I’ve just never heard of that happening on a regular user/home system, where there is no ongoing policy management, like in a corporate or govt setting. Can’t imagine what would’ve triggered that policy set on your computer…

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It has happened to me on my Windows system, although these days I generally use an iPad.