Doesnt launch?

For a few weeks now, when I click the desktop icon to launch SYSTM nothing happens.
Each time, not having the patience to investigate I have just done Zw**t instead.

Should I just delete it and reinstall?

Info: Windows 10

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Yes, delete and reinstall 100% if it’s not otherwise launching. Be sure that a) you download the latest version of SYSTM and b) that Windows Defender or some other “security” program isn’t blocking it from opening. I’m an iOS and MacOS user but I’ve heard some Windows users Defender is stopping SYSTM from opening/running.

Please check back in it you get it going, and if you don’t, you should contact the minions to let them know:

Yes, re-install is definitely the route.

Defender shouldn’t be blocking anything from opening, though. Typically the pop-up is when SYSTM is open and trying to create connections for the first time since an update, but should only be an issue after SYSTM is already running.

Thanks both,

I deleted and reinstalled.

Seems to work!


Excellent! Thanks for the update. Now, go Suffer Suffer Suffer!
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