Peloton workouts

I’m traveling for the holidays and will have access to a Peloton bike. What workout recommendations does anyone have? I’m focusing on climbing and endurance.

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I haven’t used a Peloton bike before, but did have a free app subscription for a little while, and found the Power Zone training sessions most useful for structured-training-type sessions.

They have both endurance sessions (which are what I mostly used) as well as sessions focused on other power zones (all FTP-based).


@Jeffrey You will find that the workout library is mostly 30 to 45 minute workouts but there are a few 90 minute workouts - usually with Matt Wilpers. You can also just ride without an instructor and just target zone 2 for an hour or two depending on what is on your plan.

I have also heard that Dennis Morton is a good instructor. There are a lot of spin classes with high cadence work mixed in with some HIIT work.

As @Namaku mentions the power zone workouts are pretty good.

Note that many gyms don’t have fans in front of the bikes which may be different than your pain cave setup so be prepared for a sweat fest.


One additional thing to take into account. The watts will show higher on the Peloton bike than on your smart trainer (at least there was a big difference for me). I used RPE for the workout in a hotel a few weeks ago and my watts were 80-100 watts higher for the same RPE compared to my Kickr and my outdoor rides. That said, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Go ahead and use the bike and do what ever workouts you have time for. Something is better than nothing