Outdoor workout

I am not able to do an outdoor workout properly. I find it difficult to stay in the powerzones. My 3s power is not steady at all. The terrain, wind, traffic make it more difficult than doing the workout indoors. But still, even on a long stretch of road I find it difficult to stay in for example a 40 watt zone. Does anyone know how you can improve this?

For instance:
Workout Tempo 4x8

Actual Power output

Hi had the same difficulty - see: First Wahoo Workout outdoors, feedback - two observations: I assume that practice is a lot of it, to learn to feel the power rather than respond to the 3s display, and secondly, I found it easier to dose the power when on a steady uphill so that you can use cadence and gearing at a much slower pace to adjust the power.

This was my first attempt, you have to squint quite hard to see a correlation between target and actual…


Change your head unit settting to 10 second power, and practice smoother power delivery on your rides. I find it easier at slightly lower cadences (80-85) and on gradual uphills.

Your training benefit will likely be about the same but you’ll just be more efficient on the bike.


Thanks, I will set the power to 10s, and try the lower cadance. Yes, gradual uphills or headwind is the best for this.

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I find it difficult to pace any power that is less than 85% of my FTP very well in my location even on the flatest roads I can find. (Appalachian mountains). Its an art that I have to work at. Is your experience at pacing tempo better if you go down in cadence? Might be something to give a go.

For me, and I cannot stress enough, for me. The 3s average is the way to go versus the 10s average. My use of a 10s average always seemed to tell me where I was and not where I am.

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