Picture uploaded to the Strava app

Hi, is it possible to change the default picture who is uploaded from Wahoo SYSTM workout to the Strava app? Some pictures are… not too good and I would like to setup another one. I know I can delete upload picture in Strava and add my own photos but will be easier to do it like in Zwift app.

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Like this one?


Let the upload take place, then edit your pic from within Strava itself. Go to the workout on Strava, select EDIT, and then either delete the photo, or add your own pics and select one of those as Highlight photo. I frequently delete the SYSTM pics, especially the yoga pics.


Is there a way to tell SYSTM to not upload any photo at all? I’d prefer to not have any photos uploaded for my sync’d workouts. It’s a waste of time to have to go into sync’d apps to delete photos.