SYSTM profile icon

I’m not sure where SYSTM got it from, but my profile icon is my face from an old picture rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Brave Browser_2021-11-09 12-22-15@2x

I’d like to remove it or change it but I can’t find anywhere to do that.

Anyone have any information?!


Click on your profile picture (top right, next to the three bars). Once there, click on the profile icon (right side in top row, looks like a silhouette of a head shot). Once there, click on preferences in the column on the left. Then you should be able to edit your pic and do some other things.

Thanks, AkaPete! But I didn’t mean here in the forums. I meant in the SYSTM app itself:


That shoud have been obvious to me since you don’t have a sideways pic in the forum. Oops.

I think I figured out the answer to your real question. You probably use a Wahoo Element. Go to the Wahoo Element App on your phone. Click on Profile. You’ll probably see the old pic of you there (although it might not be rotated–I think image rotation under some conditions is a known bug in SYSTM that they are working on). If you don’t want it, change it. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete it, but I got a nice red circle by just putting my finger over the camera. Good luck.

Near the bottom it says:

Genius! I used to use the Wahoo app on my phone to track outdoor rides. I reinstalled it on my phone and changed my icon and that transferred to SYSTM!

Thanks so much!

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Still no way to just delete it, though. :frowning:

To change that icon, do a Full Frontal and it’ll switch to your rider type

You’d think so. But in experimenting because of this topic, I added a pic in my Wahoo ELEMNT companion app and it replaced my cool jackknife for Rouleur. This photo sharing across ELEMNT and SYSTM is dumb and even dumber because you can’t delete your photo in ELEMNT and force SYSTM back to its default. That said, I don’t really much care.