Which Training Plan now?

Time to think about the preparation of 2021. I need some advide regarding the choice of the training plans.

2020 has been an incredible year despite COVID-19. My preparation has been, thank to Sufferfest, very good and I am very happy with my races results (Granfondo and Ultrafondo).

All the plans mentioned are indoor & outdoor.

As I was a beginner, I began with the All Purpose Intermediate in november 2019, then I did back to back or with some accomodations due to the race calendar the “Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo 12 Weeks” Advanced twice.

Now that my events are done I am in a building block FTP for 4 weeks. Then I plan a 4 week rest.

2021 plans so far are Granfondo end of April, Granfondo begining of July and Granfondo end of August.

I just checked as I thought I would begin with " All-Purpose Road Advanced 12 weeks" in November (after one week FF preparation) and then follow with Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo 12 Weeks in January more times to the rest of the preparation.

I was very astonished to see that there are big differences in term of volume between “All-Purpose Road Advanced 12 weeks” and “Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo 12 Weeks” (both Advanced). Mainly in the outdoor volume (2 - 3 hours a week).

Is there any benefit to follow the All-Purpose Plan instead of the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo from the begining of the preparation ?