Strength Training Updates

I feel like the strength training is the ignored part of Sufferfest. I’ve been through the entire intermediate program and now I just loop 5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, Recover A & B. There haven’t been any new routines in years and most plans have minimal or no way to include strength training.

Any plans to do updates, or at least make a better effort to integrate strength training with plans?

Quoting Sir David from the other thread for those that see this one but not that one…


Thanks @JamesT @David.McQuillen.KoS that’s fantastic news.

Yes indeed - great to hear!

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I pretty much have the same question about what to do once I finish the Intermediate 4-6 training plan in two weeks. Should I start over with that plan, or rotate levels 4-6? Repeat I4-6 plan with heavier weights? I’m using 5 and 8 pound hand weights right now. Do what Martin is doing and alternate levels 5 and 6? Add the arm workouts? I’ve been moving dirt and gravel in my yard, but that will end soon.
The end of the year, and new plans, is months away, although I wait for those with great excitement.
I wouldn’t ask, except that I really feel the difference in my body and want to keep improving. I’m much stronger and my posture has improved a lot.

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