POIs on ROAM V2?


Is there any way to define POIs that show up on maps and preferably even in the cue sheet?

To explain what I want, here’s my usecase:

I have Locations saved I might route to. Those are accessible under „take me to“ which is fine.

Then I have a bunch of routes of rides I do frequently where I fine tuned the navigation cues to remove obvious turns and „continue“ cues as I know the route and ride it frequently, yet like to see the big junctions on the cue sheet and also like the „reverse distance“ that shows me how much left rather than the distance already traveled.

I also have my komoot account connected, so that I can sync rides of other people or quickly put together a route to do that day. Again, If I do that route more often I probably fine rune it and import it to the device directly (and remove it from komoot).

Now I’m wondering if there is a way to add POIs (think water fountains, bike tools in public, public pumps, gas stations and public toilets). I don’t really want to navigate there, so I don’t want them cluttering my „take me to“ list. I also can’t really add them to the komoot routes (I could put them into the fine-tuned routes though).

Is there a way to somehow incorporate them into the map material? That I can see them on the map screen (and maybe on the navigation cue screen - preferably without a pop up) so that they’re not „in the way“ when riding, but still there if I want to see them?

Currently my workflow involves pulling out my phone and having those POIs on a maps app there. Which doesn’t make too much sense as I only use them when cycling, where I already carry a device capable of maps and routing - the ROAM V2.

Am I missing something or is that functionality not yet implemented?

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I love to have this feature also. We are currently on a long tour and would find it useful when the likes of a water source etc available to see. At present I have to use an app my phone which kinda defeats the purpose of having a GPS.

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