Downloading a local cycle route to ELEMNT Bolt

I have an Elemnt Bolt My wife and I are in our 70’s and going on a holiday in GB for 3 weeks and taking our road bikes We normally do 30/40 miles at weekend with moderate climbs. How do i download local routes onto my Elemnt that are suitable for us?

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I have great success using Komoot to plan and create routes.

Once you have linked your Komoot account in the Elemnt app any routes you create get automagically synced to the Elemnt. Unless you want/need the extra features there is no need to use the premium version of Komoot - I’m using the free version and it works very well. I also find it much better than the route planner in Strava

Whereabouts in the UK are you staying? If you happen to be coming to Norfolk or Suffolk at any point I’d be very happy to suggest and/or create some routes for you.

Hi John

We are going to Scotland, Sea Houses, Hawes, Manchester and the Gower. Thank you for your advice - yes I will try Komoot - does it show me local routes in the areas we will be staying in? Unfortunately we will not be visiting your area but many thanks for your help.

Paul B

Yes, there are plenty of suggested routes on there, for example:

I hope you have a great holiday!

Thank you - how thoughtful

Just “Gower” or “the Gower peninsula”.


Enjoy - make sure you cycle up and over Cefn Bryn and take on the hill at Cheriton. A fine lunch at the King Arthur awaits!

Thank you much appreciated

Paul Bailie

@paulbailie I’m a huge fan of Ride with GPS for finding and creating routes. I tend to use the website for most of my use of it, but the phone app is also quite good. Note that for the most functionality of the phone app, you do need a paid account. That said, I rate it. You can store the whole route on your phone (as well as the route to your Bolt). With the route on your phone, you can even go to Airplane mode to save battery or if no data on trip, and use the app for routing - it can even announce turns and cues on the phone’s speaker or a paired headset.

For website use, a free account can do almost everything, but you do get advanced route making tools in a paid account that makes it easier to combine routes and more. I’ve used their services for about 12 years now, been paying for it since 2019 I think.

If you get absolutely lost in it or have advanced questions, I’ve scheduled Zoom sessions with their support. They are a small but great company.

General help here -

Peep their videos on YouTube too for more help - Ride with GPS - YouTube

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Hi Jeff

Thank you for this useful and detailed reply. I am more reassured now after all the help and hints l have received. Hopefully l can successfully use this info to get local appropriate rides for my wife and myself and really help us enjoy our holiday

Paul Bailie

RideWithGPS is probably the best tool for planning a ride. But the ‘free’ version is very limited and does not allow you to add ‘cue points’, custom points on the route - like water, vistas, dangerous parts, or just manual navigation cues. For this purpose I use
You can plot the route on your computer, and then use your mobile phone to download the plotted route directly on your phone and import it in Wahoo mobile app.
You can also download the route (.fit file) on your computer and mail it to your mobile phone so you can download it easier.
Another option is to physically plug your Elemnt into your computer and copy the .fit file to the Elemnt.

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Hi Roilev
Many thanks - you are obviously more computer literate than I am - I will probably use Kamoot to identify a suitable local route when we arrive in an area and then hopefully download it to my Elemnt, but I am very grateful for your advice and may have to use it.
Thanks again Paul Bailie

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