View Wahoo Maps in Desktop

Is there anyway to view the same map data on the Wahoo Bolt on the desktop or online?
I have a gravel route planned that has some old logging roads and I am curious what the map will show beyond my created route. The area is between cell reception zones.

To be honest, I use a mix of Ride with GPS and also Komoot for route planning. They are pretty unbeatable and show tracks and roads even our NZ Topo maps are missing sometimes

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What does Komoot add that Ride with GPS does not?

I do not need route planning, I have a route. What I am more interested in is where Wahoo gets their data from

Aaah, I can ask that for you, hang on

Neither is 100% complete when it comes to tracks in NZ. So I leverage both for route planning so I can see where tracks are. Aerials are useless for this where there is forest cover. We often ride “off piste” when bikepacking.

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any idea for Canada?

The only way to check, is to open free versions of both and have a play. I tend to overlay them with heat maps as well, but it’s risky when it’s a tramping track. In a way, it’s lucky NZ is small, so if it doesn’t work out, it’s usually not too huge a detour to go back and head around by road.

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@cycling I think the data is from but there may be other sources.


Confirming it IS OpenSteetMaps. However it has been transformed. If you plug your headunit into a laptop, you can actually open the map tiles and take a look :+1:

“If you hit the ocean, turn around.”

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Narrowest straight line between tidal east and west cost is something like 250m

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What a great factoid! Had no idea.