Position change for aerobars

I’m putting a set of aerobars on my KICKR Bike and was wondering what my starting point should be for adjusting my position.

From a quick sit on with them, it feels like I need to either up the stack or drop the seat and maybe stretch out a bit more. I assume raising the stack would be better than dropping the seat as that will keep my legs at the same length. For stretching out, I can move the seat back or take the stem out, I don’t know which would be better of those two.

I’m going to be getting a proper bike fit in the new year, possibly on a new TT bike, so for now, I just want to be able to get some training in the rough position over winter so any tips welcome.

Providing your current saddle height it correct, it’s usually a case of moving the saddle forward and raising the height a little bit (this keeps your BB-saddle length the same so measure it before you starting altering things). The bar position will then depends on your flexibility, core strength, hip angles and goal event. You can be more aggressive for 10 mile TTs but comfort becomes more and more important as the duration of event increases. Lower doesn’t always mean faster either if you get robbed of too much power with an overly tight hip angle.

I’d set the saddle correctly, find a comfortable aero bar position but get a fit as soon as you’re able as it will take time to adjust to that position.


I wish it was just 10 miles, I’m doing an Ironman next October, 112 miles in this position so I need as much comfort as possible! I do have plenty of time to train for it though which is why I’m starting now. I’m not flexible, that is something I have to work on, so that is also against me going super aero.

I’ve got all my Kickr measurements and those came from a Retul bike fit so I know my starting point. I’ll sort out the saddle and then play with the reach and stack height.

Sounds a good plan. Time training in your aero position will definitely pay off. Your power will likely be lower in your aero position so scale back the workouts a bit before testing in your position once you have it fixed. Good luck!

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If I can stick it till after Christmas I’m going to try to workout the time savings of clip on bars on my road bike versus a TT bike to see if it would be significant enough to justify the cost.