Swapping bars on KICKR BIKE

I’ve recently fitted aerobars to my KICKR BIKE but my wife uses it very occasionally and doesn’t like them as they get in her way for holding the bars normally.

I’ve asked Wahoo if I can buy a second set of bars so we can swap them out like we do the saddles but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas as I imagine they will be quite expensive.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of second hand/spare parts market for BIKE parts so I can’t pick anything up cheap on ebay.

She is a Zwift rider so needs the shifters otherwise I could just get a cheap set of flat bars for her to put on.

Any suggestions?

I guess one of the annoying time-travellers answers would be get a pair of the quick release aero-bars, so you can just clip them on and off as you please. Failing temporal assistance, would loosening the aero-bars and rotating them down/moved inboard out of the way, on the bar, help at all ? (if you haven’t already tried that)

With a few alignment markers added to the risers and bar, it should be reasonably quick to do so.

Unfortunately she wants to hold where the bars are attached to so the clamp will still be there with dropping them down.

I didn’t know there were quick release ones, I’ll have a look for some of those.

Redshift Sport do some, although they’re inevitably not cheap, and you would still be left with the tiny, flat stubs next to the stem - which might still be an issue.

Not sure if it would be useful for you guys, but also do a flip Tri/road seat (in the DCR review).

I thought I remembered a couple of other QR bars that i’d seen on bikepacking rigs, but can’t seem to find then at the moment, will have a dig later…


Pricey but nice. I’ll see how much Wahoo want to charge me for a second official frontend and compare the two.

Fun thing I found out today having stripped all the tape off the KICKR Bike - you need a stubby allen wrench to remove the shifters…

I ended up buying a new front end off wahoo, was expensive but the easiest way. I might change the actual bar as it is narrower than the one on my actual bike, but not for now.

I don’t remember having to use anything other than a “L”-shaped Allen wrench (although I do recall it being a struggle of some sort), but mine were RIDICULOUSLY tight… like in danger of rounding out the head on removal. Tape removal was not fun either. I expected it come off easy as I swapped with it brand new, nope.

Care to say how much? Might help someone in the future. I assume they sent you the D-shaped steerer, stem, bars, taped with shifters/switches?

Yuuuup. Took me maybe 20mins to peel the shonky tape off? I tried jamming the regular allen key in but it was torqued too tight and same as you I feared rounding the head off. I wish Wahoo would just include a stubby allen key that actually fit - or cut a proper channel like all other shifter brands ever so a normal allen key fits.

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Was a slightly different situation to most, the bike I had was making odd noises and was having it replaced under warranty. So for a couple of days I had two full bikes sat in my gym. When I returned the noisy one I just kept the full front end.

I didn’t want to pay that much, but I share the bike with my wife and it doing it this way is a lot easier than any of the other options.


I see Stages charge $290 for their proprietary seat mast assembly on their Stages SB20 bike (I was curious for easy saddle swaps), so in line.

I suspect it’ll be worth it for the convenience.

We are lucky on the seat as it is a standard seat tube so I bought one from Halfords for a tenner and put her saddle on that.

Weights a ton, but doesn’t really matter when you stay still.


I’ve just bought new bar with wider, oval tubing where my hands go, the ultra narrow tubing on the stock bar is super uncomfortable. Will use my stubby allen wrench thanks for the tip. Do you have to completely remove the tape to remove the shifters?

Glad it isn’t just me who doesn’t really like the stock bar.

Nah it’s a torture device. Mad as the cheapest bar I can find has an oval profile and is way better. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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If you have the same tape I did, it destroys itself on removal (very adhesive), so plan on having new bar tape ready to go when you swap the bar.

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Yep have ordered nicer, padded tape.

FWIW: I create stubby allen wrenches as needed by taking a normal L and cutting the short leg down using a Dremel with a cutoff wheel.


Jeff Bezos is about to deliver my stubby allen wrenches, so hoping I can enjoy the fruits of a wider handlebar and cushy grip tape this week!