Riding in “aero”

Curious if anyone works on riding in a more aerodynamic position either in the drops or on the hoods during Suf workouts? I don’t recall seeing many text prompts for that. I feel like I hold an aero position for a few minutes at a time outside but then gets uncomfortable. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

I have aero bars and I use them randomly to keep my feel for them. Especially on Long Scream and Team Scream, as well as in some other videos where there are TT portions like in Fight Club.

I have aerobars. For ease I use 110% of FTP as the border between aerobars and bull horns or if it fits into the video I follow the video. For example at the front of the line in team scream I always adapt an aerodynamic position.

If I had regular dropped handlebars I think I’d follow the video more. For example if it’s a slow cadence uphill slog I’d think it wasn’t very important, but if it was a sprint at the end of an interval I would. No-vid I haven’t thought about. I guess I’d do what I already do with hard intervals and start in aero but allow myself to sit up for the last minute if needed.

I currently have a TT-bike on my trainer, so I do not spend much time in the drops unfortunately. However, when I used to have a road bike on the trainer I remember I found it harder to spend time in the drops inside than on the road outside. But I guess it is a matter that needs to be worked on. But I think what @Eerke suggested is a good guideline.

For me, now that I have FF out of the way, I will start working on a proper TT-position for all longer, steady intervals. The challenge will be to follow what happens on screen though, as keeping my head down will be one of the things I will be working on. I may have to try and lower my screen I guess, but looking forward to get aero!

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I have clip-on aero bars. My “main” sport is triathlon but only really do a couple a year - 70.3 at that - with the rest of my outdoor riding around the local hills so I’m not splashing out on a TT bike any time soon.
I often put the bars on the bike indoors to get back to being used to the position. Never at low cadence or big-power sprints but sometimes the longer endurance intervals and particularly anything that is intended to be a TT-type effort; Team Scream etc, of course (always kills me), and the TT sections of Fight Club exactly as @emacdoug said. The latter in fact was a nice change on the ToS as there isn’t much call for aero bars in Nine Hammers.

I don’t aero, but I do tend to ride the hoods for some of the high cadence stuff, as it gets me into the 120+ range w/o bouncing. My tailbone thanks me.

I am almost always on the hoods, but I have gotten a bit more comfortable on the drops for some of my MAP efforts. My clip on aero bars get in the way of being able to comfortable spot on the tops. So, most of my riding is on the hoods. I do use the aero bars for some efforts, but only if they are steady and higher cadence. Intervals are almost always on the hoods, sometimes the drops. The aero bars are nice, tho, if anything, for giving me one extra set of positions to switch to. When any of my triathlons get closer I’ll try to spend more time on them. But for now, with no races any time soon, they’re just a nice extra option, and make the TT experience a bit more immersive and fun.

I have a tt bike on the trainer and use roughly the same strategy as @Eerke, I do need additional yoga sessions to prevent back pain. Especially with a training like G.O.A.T.

@froekel either in GOAT or Power Station I can’t do on the aerobars at the recommended cadence. I have to add on 5. No pain. Don’t know why. Just can’t. Maybe I should try strengthening my back more.

@Burnsy If you are going to be in your aero position outside then by all means you should practice while you are on the trainer. The key to this is progressing slowly. Depending on how comfortable you are in an “aero” position you may want to start with as little as 30 seconds at a time, take frequent breaks and work up to more time. While you are doing this you will also want to take note of what is uncomfortable. Is it your neck and shoulders, arms, low back, placement on the saddle, etc.? How long before these things happen? If you are getting fatigued then some strength and or yoga to help strengthen your core and mobilize your neck can be very helpful. Most people will see improvements rather quickly with these additions. If you try these and are not finding relief you may want to have a check on your bike fit.
Just some thoughts for you. Good luck.


Hi @Burnsy.
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Train for your events. So if TTs are the goal, or road racing and maintaining an aerodynamic position, then it is very important to be able to hit peak powers while being aerodynamic

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I switch it up a bit. Just like outside.

Outside I do a lot of time on the hoods in aero position (forearms horizontal) so I automatically do that when the power goes up. Sprinting in the drops (always).