Power Station - Z5 HR

The power station says the workout is focused on muscular endurance and not cardio fitness. However, as a 90kg rider the out of the saddle efforts had me in z5. I spent 30% of the workout in z5 in power station compared to 5% in GOAT.

Am i doing something off or is this expected?

Iā€™d ignore HR targets in most cases. By no means all, but in shorter intervals like this I would. So many external factors influence your HR. Time of day, hydration, caffeine, stress, any medication, temperature etc. Just ride. Looking at HR is interesting as you learn more about your averages for given efforts and keeping a check on for endurance or recovery rides.

Agreed. There was a good article on this topic on the website. Sufferfest - Everything You Wanted to Know About Heart Rate

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thanks folks!