Changing difficulty levels


I wanted to mix up my training visual stimulation by watching the new recovery/endurance videos, but also upping the levels to make them more demanding.

This seems to work on other videos, but on the new ones it doesn’t seem to change the output required? eg. If the video states 100watts and I set it to 200% in the settings for everything, nothing changes? Should this not change to 200watts or are these video workouts not configurable?

Thanks All


I spot checked one (Moon Rider) and it appeared to adjust the target level for me on Mac OSX. What platform are you using? Have you tried disabling the “Don’t change settings for Recovery sections” option?


Below a certain point the levels class as recovery sections. There’s a tick box under where you adjust levels that says “Don’t adjust recovery sections”. My guess is that option is ticked (usually is by default).

Some of the new videos are tempo+ so they’d still adjust. But some are proper recovery level rides.

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Ah brilliant thanks guys, will check my settings for tomorrow’s rides. I’m using an iPhone connected to TV so will let you know if I find the check box and if it solves it!

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Edit: found it!