Powerlink pedals & indoor training

I just bought Powerlink Pedals to use for training on outdoor sessions.
My question is when training indoors on Kickr v5, should i use those or the power meter on the Kickr?
Benefits, pro or cons either way?



Thankfully this is a reasonably simple choice (based on the equipment you have - though you didn’t mention ERG so I’m assuming you will be using ERG - if that isn’t true then this changes)

The simplest way of training indoors, using numbers you can rely on, where you want to use ERG, is to use the smart trainer you have

  • the power numbers you generate during a test will then be used, using that same device, during your training rides. As the purposes of resining indoors is often to improve, then using the same measurements means the workouts are tailored to you.

Using the pedals (I have same set up as you by the way - kickr and pedals) means no ERG.

If ERG doesn’t matter then you can of course just ignore the kickr and do all tests using the pedals and do all workouts using the pedals. Again, as using the same equipment for both then you are working out indoors based on numbers generated by testing in the same kit.

Past testing of the pedals and the kickr indicates the difference is actually really small (almost to the level of being statistically insignificant in some of my tests) as well which of course enables a bit of interchanging… but personally I stick to kickr indoors and pedals outdoors and then I don’t worry about it after that.


Thank you!

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I have used Assioma Duo pedals for ERG mode with my Saris Hammer trainer. It worked OK, but power changes and stability were significantly better using the trainer for power. In level mode, I compared power readings from the trainer to the pedals and they were within a few percent for the most part. Training outdoors and indoors is different anyway, so a small diff in power between the trainer indoors and pedals outdoors isn’t important. On top of that, I have a dedicated bike on the trainer which would require changing pedals between my road bike and trainer bike if I wanted to use those pedals indoors. So, I use the trainer for power indoors and the pedals outdoors.


I agree with previus posts - it’s so much easier to stick with the trainer for all indoor power readings and control, and use the power pedals for outdoor riding and training.

When I do a fitness test, I usually record my power meter results on my Bolt, as a comparison. This gives me rough FTP and MAP numbers for outdoors riding. But, if I really needed an accurate FTP for outdoors, I would do an outdoors fitness test.

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Hi, stick with the Kickr’s power meter for indoor sessions and save the Powerlink Pedals for your outdoor rides where they’ll shine