Praxis Chainrings eTap AXS

Reading on the Praxis web site, it says their chainrings are fully compatible with SRAM AXS 12 speed group sets. Just wondering if anyone has tried them? I’d assumed that with them be standard 50/34 and 52/36 combos that the AXS mechs wouldn’t work with them due to them only having a 13t difference (e.g. 48/35, 46/33). Not to mention any chain pitch differences.

If they work and work well, it may mean I could look at upgrading from my ageing first generation eTap as I wouldn’t need a new crankset and BB…

It’s interesting as my AXS is 48/35. Maybe a 50/34 would work but then again AXS is designed for gravel and SOME MTB work. I would reach out to Praxis to see if the chainrings are compatible. Also, something that I found out after the original post is that AXS uses a slightly smaller bolt circle diameter (BCD).

I used to have a 2016 Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon and it had the Praxis 50/34 chainrings Turn Zayante crank on a 105 (11-32) cassette. No experience with AXS but I have nothing but good things to say about the Praxis rings and crank. I definitely put them through the paces over 5 years and never had any issues.

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As mentioned, Praxis state that they are compatible, I just wanted to see if anyone had real life experience of using them. As they are standard 110/130 BCD I wouldn’t need to change my cranks or BB which is a big saving if I don’t need to buy those parts.

@Glen.Coutts i have had their rings before and they were indeed good.

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AXS might use a different BCD. When I checked on the availability the site stated 107. A 110 would not fit. I think Praxis is making AXS specific chain rings though. I would expect AXS FDs to be able to work with a 50/36 ring set.

That’s if you use the SRAM chainrings/cranks. These are Praxis chainrings so standard 110 or 130 BCD.

Edit: They’re not AXS specific, but stated as AXS compatible, hence posting the question to see if anyone has tried them.

Interesting. I would get with Praxis and find out if they will really fit. I’ve found that a little ‘wonkiness’ wouldn’t allow me to use anything but SRAM on an 11 speed JAW crank set. It was weird but I had to replace the crank to install a power meter anyway.