I was hoping there might be someone here with some experience with this app. Today, I changed my drivetrain from a 1x to a 2x. On my first ride, I rode almost exclusively on the big chainring. When I reviewed the data, it showed all the data on the small chaining. When I first entered the ride data it was showing the old 1x drivetrain and I subsequently changed it to the 2x drivetrain. I’m wondering if future rides will show correct information and this just a transition issue.

The graphic on the Bolt shows the 2x setup and shifters function correctly. In the app, under configure sensors, the only chainring showing is the small chainring. Not sure if this is the culprit or not.

Is it the AXS app or the Elemnt app that’s only showing the small chainring? I went the other way (2x to 1x) recently and the Elemnt app seemed to pick up the fact that there were no longer 2 chainrings automatically (presumably through the absence of a FD paired to the RD). I have, however, lost the Configure Gear Ratios option which I get for my other AXS equipped bike and so have no way of setting the correct chainring and cassette manually. Like you, I set them in the AXS app after my first ride and am hoping that, having done so, it will communicate with Elemnt so that it’s sorted for my next ride.

A word of warning - when you “Edit Drivetrain” for a bike in the AXS app, as well as saving those settings for that bike for all future rides, it also applies the settings to all previous rides on that bike. So rather than just add the new components to the existing bike in your Garage, you need to create a new one if you want to retain the gearing information on rides from before making the change.


It’s in the ELEMNT app where it only shows the small chainring. Everything else in the ELEMNT app appears to indicate it recognizes the new drivetrain as 2x. (Battery and Gear display on the Bolt computer)

I wish I’d known the second bit of information as unfortunately I replaced the drivetrain in the AXS app instead of creating a new bike.

So if you connect your Bolt, drivetrain and phone then navigate in the Elemnt app to Settings - Set Up Sensors - Gear Selection, you should get 3 options, one of which is Configure Gear Ratios. You can then choose your chainrings and cassette.

You can still undo the second bit by editing your drivetrain back in the AXS app then creating the new bike and adding your groupset to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is in the configure gear ratios where it is only showing the one front chainring.

On redoing the information in AXS, is the drivetrain information associated with the ride data driven by the bike name?

Hmm, are you still using the same rear derailleur? If so, try forgetting the sensor on your Bolt/Elemnt app then re-adding it.

As far as the AXS app is concerned, I think it’s more about bike “profiles” than names and, since you can only assign a drivetrain to one profile at a time, it knows which one to use. So that I know which bike is which I have, for example, “Alpe d’Huez” and “Alpe d’ Huez (old)” in my Garage.

It is a new rear derailleur. I’ve tried a couple of times to forget the sensor and re-added it. Here is what I’m seeing.

I wonder if deleting the app and reinstalling everything might help. I do have a support ticket on it. Another thought would be unpair and then repair the Bolt.

Here is what AXS web shows.

Hmm, I’m afraid I’m out of ideas then. Have you raised support tickets with both SRAM and Wahoo? They’ve both given good service in my experience.

Yes. I submitted to both companies.

SRAM responded, but it just gave me the process for configuring the gear ratio in the ELEMNT app.

I have tried forgetting the sensor and then pairing again, un-pairing the head unit and then pairing it again and finally deleting the app and reinstalling. Nothing has worked.

I’m pretty sure the issue is something on the ELEMNT app side, but I’ve heard nothing on my support request. A little disappointed in the response time. If I don’t hear something in next few hours, it will be next week before I hear anything.

I finally received a reply from Wahoo. Unfortunately, they are pointing at SRAM. I still feel like it’s a Wahoo issue.

My understanding is the configure gear ratio information is used to provide the proper buckets to pass on to SRAM. If I don’t ever get a chance to maintenance the information for the large chainring, then the information passed to SRAM would be incorrect.

SRAM responded 3 times vs 1 for Wahoo. Ultimately, SRAM gave me a solution that worked.

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…and what was the solution in the end ?

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A factory reset on the Bolt.

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