Pro Rides & On Location

Really looking forward to more episodes of these, there could be an endless amount of them, hopefully we might get some Grand Tour stages next time or even a World Championship course or the Olympic Road Race or TT perhaps. And with On Location Mike Cotty can just go on and on like the Duracell Bunny so hoping to see some of the more well known rides. Stelvio, Passo Gavia, Tourmalet ? Any Pro Rides or On Locations anyone else might like to see/do ?


What no MTB😉

@BeatsMe Ive no problem racing round Trentino that was a beautiful course this year or cycling over the sand at Ostend from the Cyclocross World Champs

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I want to see HEAPS more of these! And we’ll have another four from Mike by the end of the year.


To help us get access to more footage, more races, more riders, go and promote the ProRides on social media heavily! This will help us show teams and races how much interest there is in this type of content and how it helps connect to cycling fans.

Tag the riders, tag the team, tag the races. Go! Go! Go!


Sorry @Francois-Wahoo dont use social media, prefer to stay off that otherwise I’d need to do even more cycling and running to calm down and keep my mental health in check,


In the On Location rides I’m not sure about the Pro Rides haven’t tried that yet there’s no 4DP profile at the bottom after you do the ride but it appears on almost every other ride the no vids, Suff vids, GCN is this a bug or should it not be displayed on the On Location rides ?

I’ve done a few on location rides with mike the last few days due to a bit of rain. He doesn’t mess about at the end of those climbs!!! :flushed::dizzy_face:‍:dizzy::dizzy_face:

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