ProRides: Spread the Love

Rode a ProRides Episode?
Loved it? We do! And we believe it has soooo much potential as the greatest sport’s fan experience ever! (there… I said it).

We want to make more of those and we need more riders, teams and races to see how much people love this.

Then please help us spread the love for this new content category on social media platforms!
Make a post, tag the ProRider, their team (past and present), the race and scream how much fun you’ve had and how much more fun you want to have on #wahoosystm

This would in turn open some doors for us to convince riders and teams to put more cams on bikes at pro races.

Every little helps!



I’m in the :heart: Pro rides camp! Just posted on it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Agree, is great publicity for the sport, teams, and riders so hopefully more will jump on board.


Hey @Francois-Wahoo was just thinking… maybe the women’s teams will be more open to putting cameras on board? :crossed_fingers:

Hopefully the teams see what giving fans more access does for the sport… I’m sure the Netflix formula 1 show has helped drive more $ and fans to racing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I can’t imagine surviving a proride workout taken from some of the ladies races. It will be an hour and a half of attacks, one after another after another.

So, great idea!


@Francois-Wahoo should we use a particular tag (other than the team and the rider) what are the “official” tags for wahoo-SYSTM?

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We’re working on this for next season!


#wahoosystm is the tag!

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I did Norway and the hammer team tt one and enjoyed both, I think they are a very nice addition


These look great, but not many of them are included within the structured plans. There’s just one in the All Purpose plan for example. None in the hilly GF plan :frowning:

So maybe try to incorporate more of these pro rides within the plans in place of some of the older vids?


I also love the On Location rides.

There is so much potential - for example free ride routes with video and map/profile view would been great for riders who are not doing a training program/plan.

Great work! Looking forward to the new features.


I rode strada bianchi today. Anybody who thinks the suffering has gone with the rebrand should ride this.

Great ride but I blew up massively with 13mins to go. I had to turn it down to 90% to get to the end.

Brilliant ride. I loved Norway and this was even better.

More Pro Rides Please


Hm, must be just me, judging by comments, but I’m not finding an hour or so spent staring at backsides all that inspiring.
Of course that IS mostly my experience in real races, but at least I get to look around occasionally.


Any chance of a live No Vid version using the live felon data? Not suggesting I’d make anywhere the end but it’d be nice to start riding virtually and then stop off and watch the rest of the race/stage. Because we’d have the TV showing the race on Eurosport/GCN+/Sporza or whatever the local TV is on ourselves no one would want a video. The Velon platform already sends live power data from selected riders and selected selected races to its own stuff. You’d just need to scale it to our 4DP and ask them for an API. Bet it’s hidden.
I think it’d add to the enjoyment of watching the race and the start of stages is often a good workout. I like simulating cycles up big mountains in the Giro/TdF/Vuelta virtually before the stages for the same reason.


You are now talking about ProRides v3.
We’re still at ProRides v1 :wink:
A fair bit to go but hopefully we’ll get there…



I’m really digging the ProRides!! I loved Norway when it first came out, so it was a welcome addition getting the additional courses with the Systm updates.
I find the immersion experience of being live in the middle of the peloton with all the accompanying noises (shifting clicks resonating through the carbon wheels, braking squeals, the yelling, etc) is very engaging.
It is a welcome change from the typical format of the other workouts.

Gotta say that a super “fun” part is when the rider’s wattage gets posted and I realise I’m going to pop barely doing half of that!! :flushed:

And another vote to get more women’s races in there too :+1:


That would be amazing! And here I thought the closest I’d ever get to riding with the pros was watching the videos on GCN, and then came the Pro Rides in Sufferfest (SYSTM), and now the possibility of being there in real time (sort of), in the middle of a pro race at our own power settings? Oh Yeah! But given the Internet lag times etc that I experience getting a consistent real-time feed would be a challenge. Probably more likely to see it once everyone is on 5G networks.


I swapped Cobbler with ProRides Strada Bianchi 1 into my schedule today; it seemed the most similar, but really I just wanted to see how it was compared to Norway, which I loved.

In short: Amazing, but it did drag on after a while. It could have been the fatigue, it could have been the lack of nutrition, but I think part of it is that I appreciate the difficulty it is to get footage that tells a story. Maybe the other Pro Rides tell better stories - I don’t know yet. Some thoughts below…

  • The plot here seems to be breakaway, until the big GC guys catch you. I loved the big MAP section when you hear the peloton is 1 minute behind - it gave me a reason to emotionally invest into the push. But until then, I’m just kind of riding. I love that - but after an hour, it gets same-y.
  • Love the surges, love the freewheeling
  • Love hearing the brakes squealing, great touch of reality
  • Love seeing Tosh’s power/cadence pop up from time to time
  • Loved the intro, it felt “pro”, set me up for a great, positive experience. I’m like "woah, what have I signed up to here?’
  • Would like to have seen more of a sense of what was happening in the race - I think it was Simone Patelli? He was pointed out … then we caught him later… that was a nice touch. maybe more “I’m gonna catch you in 20 minutes” ?
  • I find myself looking for rest spots - I’m trying to “interval-ize” the session - going "yeah this looks like a 3 minute-ish MAP bit, this is an AC spike, but then I can recover. Was kind of surprised how little rest there was… damn was I was cooked by the end.
  • The tags were brilliant - 'cooked" “grab a bottle” - these were great in the second-half, when the novelty starts to wear thin as the fatigue rises. Would like to see more of these

I felt a little bummed out having all the big name pro’s catch me, it happens kind of unexpectedly - I’m toast, and here they are flying past me. Poor Tosh. I think there’s an opportunity to add some inspiration at this point. I don’t think Sufferfest branding enters ProRides, which is unfortunate, because you could have some fun here e.g. “DS: here comes the pack of laser goats”, but maybe going forward, more support in the second half of a long session would be my feedback.

Overall though - if you added 10 more rides - in different parts of the world - I’d be pretty happy. Killer stuff.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback.
That is awesome. Really.
Finding the right balance between reality (get people to experience the ride for what it was) while adding some entertaining factors (to keep people interested and distracted) is a balance we’re still trying to adjust.

For example, how much the DS concentrate on the rider in the ProRide vs what he would actually do in reality is one thing. Do we keep it real or do we put some more to keep people push through when “the novelty starts to wear thin as the fatigue rises” as you say. In that manner getting feedback like yours to highlight the points where you need more of a push is helpful.

The idea overall is to give the insight into what the life of a Pro cyclist, win, lose, crash or puncture… rain, sun or crosswinds so we’re intent on keeping the rides and stories varied.
Not just rush to victory… although I wouldn’t mind having more of those to play with!
At the moment we depend on what feed we can get out hands onto and riders sharing data with us. So there are still limitations at the moment.

We are in the process of making more and will be making more in 2022. Hopefully a LOT more. We’ll keep working on it!


Really need to do more publicising.
Another couple of these done this week. If I’m honest I don’t know who these riders are, but I do like the workouts.
There’s something in the psychology of these that is as engaging as the Suf workouts.
Do I really follow the videos? Prob not. But it’s almost a need to know they’re there along with the power target bar.

Keep them coming. Promise to do more promoting :slight_smile: