Upcoming On Location rides

Stumbled across a recent Pez Cycling write-up of On Location series which had an interesting teaser that I don’t think has been noted on the forum yet:

So. where can you ride on “On Location?” At present there are five regions covered: Catalunya, the French Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Coast, Provence and Tasmania. Coming up will be rides in Portugal, Galicia, the Lake Como region, and eventually Slovenia and Croatia.


Sounds awesome! I suppose that all gets launched when the indoor season on the northern hemisphere gets well underway.

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Wonder if it will just be Mike Cotty or might we see other cyclists now as well maybe ones from those countries or who are maybe based there ?


The Tasmania series is a different rider, so the narrator may be someone else than Mike. I do like his style but it’s always good to have someone else who is very familiar with the areas do the job.

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Following Mike on Strava, it looks like he’ll be doing Portugal, Spain and Italy. I certainly hope so, he’s a great presenter/guide/coach in these sessions.

Not sure about Croatia and Slovenia, perhaps the Pog can do those two? Would be fun though, seeing that guy flying up the hills at 6W/kg whilst chatting away about the local cheese making…

While we’re at it: How about @IanBoswell doing some On Location rides in North America?


That’s a splendid idea (as long as it’s proper roads and not that dirt road stuff everyone seems so obsessed about lately).


@tbronder Interesting - I follow Mike on Strava and saw he was in Portugal a month or two ago and he is in Italy now. It probably takes a few weeks to get the videos done but maybe we will see something drop in the series soon.

I didn’t know about the plans for Slovenia and Croatia so that is something to look forward to. They are definitely putting out some really good content!


Follow Mike on FB and Insta for more clues as to the future OLs!


I really enjoy the On Location rides with Mike, especially for recovery sessions, but the intensity factors are all .75 or higher (bar Hobart).

Can we get some that are more mellow and around 1 hour in length?


Hi @hdb , and welcome!

You can always dial down the intensity in the app and enjoy a slightly more relaxed ride. No one’s judging.

True - I’ve used that a few (ok many) times on Revolver and others. While it’s true that Cotty is happiest when climbing, a few rollers would be a nice change of pace, even for the mountain goats :smile: