Kickr wont see Garmin HRM

Hi all , I received and set up my new kickr yesterday and I’m set up on the SYSTM app, when I start a workout and click the add devices tab it doesn’t see my HRM! Is this the correct way of adding the HRM or are Garmin devices not compatible ?

Any advice much appreciated

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Are you trying to connect your HRM to SYSTM or your Kickr? Your title is a bit misleading.

I use a Garmin HRM so it is definitely possible to connect that to SYSTM.

How are you trying to connect? Bluetooth or ANT+?

What OS are you using?

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Welcome Jon @Jsol150772

R u connecting via Bluetooth or Ant+? Either way, make sure your battery is fresh and that it’s not being connected to another app at the same time.

Edit, dang, @titanicus beat me to it.

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Sorry , is misleading !! Trying to connect to the SYSTM app via Bluetooth on IOS . I’ve got my 2 Garmin devices disconnected from the HR monitor , battery is new but I’m not seeing it in the devices to connect list

Is your HRM Bluetooth compatible? Most newer ones are, but older ones aren’t. Assuming it is, I would deinstall and download/install SYSTM again. You shouldn’t have to (and it probably won’t help), but it’s easy and sometimes works.

I’ll assume the HRM works on another app so you know it works.

If so, it’s possible the other app is stealing the Bluetooth connection. This happens to me all the time with a set of Bluetooth earbuds. Have you paired the HRM with another app on your phone or could there be another device it’s connected to (head unit, watch, computer, tablet etc)?

Also check if your HRM is not already paired with some other device.

And also assuming it’s not a watch you need to tell to broadcast heart rate… On a related topic I tend not to connect my Garmin instinct to systm because I worry it would interfere with my trainer signal. Am I wrong there? I’ve tried it once on half Monty and seemed to have no issues.

@QuietC I don’t know anything about the Instinct, if if if broadcasts in Bluetooth (or Ant+ and you can receive Ant+) I see no reason why it would interfere with SYSTM. No harm in trying. You can always disconnect if it does. I have multiple devices connected: my trainer, an external cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor. If you have multiple devices that transmit the same metric (cadence in my case from the trainer and my sensor), you pick the one you want in the Devices tab (click to make the metric green on the desired device and duplicates will gray out).

Thanks for all the advice … I’ve tried everything including resetting HRM but the app simply won’t see it! I’ve ended up buying a TICKR HRM which worked straight away as you’d expect !

I can do my fitness test now to bring me back to reality

Cheers guys


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It’s worked 2 and probably 3 times out of 3 now. The first test was coincidentally the first time I had the virtual speed/power drop issue which I mistakenly put down to the extra sensor. I dislike faff so didn’t really try again. So thank you, I will stop double recording sessions.

I think @Critmark was having the same problems with a garmin HR. It’s unfortunate that a new HRM was the solution but, at least you don’t have to fuss about it anymore. Nothing should dull the suffering! FWIW, I’ve got 3 Wahoo HRMs (Tickr, Tickr2, TickrX) a garmin ant+ only and a UA bluetooth only. I don’t have the heart to toss them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds like I’m late on this one.

I have a Fenix 6 watch. I had to go into the heart rate settings and select Broadcast during activity. As soon as I did this it worked seamlessly connecting to my Kickr and SYSTM. No more chest strap!

Making sure you turn off your BT on your phone or deleting the Wahoo App will prevent signal stealing issues. Good luck!