Problems with Kickr Climb

My Climb is acting up and does not move up. I heard a rattling sound and it went all the way down. It’s now at -3% and can only go down both in locked and unlocked modes. Has anybody experienced the same issue? Any ideas?

Any chance it might need a software update @lagunasnegras if there is a software update available ?

I’ve come across some shonky software in my time, but never a software release that “rattled” (well, at least since they stopped delivering them on floppy disk)…

@lagunasnegras I would open a support ticket with Wahoo here or in a language of your choice who will hopefully be able to help you. Probably a warranty issue just by the sound of it.


@lagunasnegras Saw this convo on Trainerroad sounds like it might be the same issue in which case it will need replaced with a pulley belt failure Hope this helps and you get the issue sorted

I have had this happen and it was a catastrophic belt failure. Catastrophic only in that I had to wait for a replacement. You ought to contact Wahoo support, their service is Sufferlandrian!

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Thanks everybody! Ticket has been submitted to Wahoo…let’s see what they say