Kickr Climb Not Powering On...Oh wait, there's more. Climb issue #2!

I’ve had my Climb for 3 weeks and it has stopped working. To be clear, it’s not a connection issue to an app, I mean it no longer powers on. At 1st, I thought it was the power supply because the green light was out. I tried to plug it into another outlet and still NO POWER. I then disconnected the power supply from the Kickr Climb and boom, the green light turned back on.
I realized I lost power when I connect the power supply to the Kickr Climb. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m going to contact Wahoo Customer Support to inquire about a replacement.

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Hey @Steve_Estevez welcome to the forums. Too bad this is your first entry :frowning:

I’ve had a Climb since about 2018 and don’t think I’ve ever had power problems. Def contact support, my experience with them has always been exceptional.

Thanks for responding. I did contact customer support. They created a ticket and after several troubleshooting steps they told me to “cut the cord” submit the picture and they’ll send me a new replacement. I am glad it was under warranty but I hope I have more success with the 2nd unit. The 1st Climb did not last a month!
That being said, I really enjoyed the Climb. It adds a lot to what sometimes are monotonous rides.


Glad CS got it sorted. Here’s to a long life for your Climb 2.0 :pray:

Well my second unit is now being replaced! I am having a the same problem that many other users are having. My replacement Climb is not rising at it should. It makes a clunking noise and does not elevate. I contacted CS and after sending them a video of this new issue they are once again replacing my Kickr Climb. This will be the replacement for my replacement! On a serious note this truly is NOT GOOD! This is my 3rd unit in less than 2 months!!! It’s an awesome piece of hardware (when it works) but the reliability is not there. The only silver-lining is that it has happened within the warranty period and CS has been willing to address and replace the Climb without making me jump through hoops. It’s going to be VERY hard to have confidence in this unit once the warranty expires. I was not expecting to last forever but I do not want it dying on the 366th day. That’s a lot money. Who can afford to pay $700 on a Climb to have it for only a year!? :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:

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3rd time’s the charm :crossed_fingers:t2: