Climb problem with slope change

Hi @all

I have a problem with my Climb. First of all, Kickr V5 and Climb are up to date.
The Climb reacts to gradient changes more delayed the faster I drive, sometimes whole gradient changes are skipped or come very delayed, e.g. the Climb sinks when I am already at a gradient again. This is reproducible, e.g. on the track City Crit in Zwift at the undulating section (or is it called rollers?), but also at Rouvy.
I have also already reset and reconnected the Climb. I have also turned off all possible interfering electronics (fan, Amazon Echo, PC, TV). Connecting via Bluetooth or Ant+, PC or Android tablet makes no difference, same problem.
Since I have not found anything on the internet about such a problem it seems to be a special case.
Can someone help me or is this behavior quite normal?

Hey, sorry you’re having some issues. Please contact our customer service team directly who will be able to assist and give you some recommendations:

@Lamahorst Are you on the latest software for both the Kickr and Climb? The Kickr controls the climb so on you next reset try doing both. Otherwise I don’t have any other ideas. I haven’t had the same problem. I did have a problem where the Climb seemed to disconnect and I reset everything and that fixed it but nothing like your issue. Good luck!

Don’t mean to take this thread down an unnecessary path but to @JSampson. I have had my Kickr bike for over a year. I have never updated the software for two reasons.

  1. I have never received anything from Wahoo that there was an update released/available.
  2. No idea where to check to see if there is one.

Am I missing something or has there been no software update for the bike in over a year?

@Critmark Use the Wahoo Fitness App. It is probably the same app that you used to set up the Kickr when you purchased it.

Also you may want to perform a spin down.


Not for the bike Sir Stuart. Here is the link for firmware on the Kickr Bike

If you look at the Wahoo Fitness app, it will let you know if you got the most current firmware already or need an update but you’ll have to go to sensors, in the WFA and click the Kickr Bike.

@Critmark Apologies - didn’t see you have the bike.