Prorides not connecting

Can’t figure out if I have an issue: Tried my first proride today and whereas the trainer (Neo 2T) was connected according to the app (and according to the trainer) there were no readings other than HR during the ride. Checking the file after the ride the only info was ride time. Is this as intended?

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I ran a Proride on a Neo2T successfully today - reading power via Bluetooth and HR on ANT (I think that’s what I had connected anyway). Also did another workout ok as well.

No issues in either session. Windows 10 PC.

Can you add a bit more detail re the issue?
Were you using iOS or Android?
What iOS version if iOS?
You were picking up heart rate from your (I assume) standard Bluetooth HRM, but the app was showing zero power and zero cadence?
Or was the app showing “- -“ as I’d it wasn’t connected at all?
Could you share a Screenshot of the app running with the trainer connected but showing no power in the screen?

Will try and help as much as possible.

Might also be worth using the ‘report a bug’ link in the app to get support from the SYSTM support team as well, but the forum members will always help as much as we can.


Thanks for offering help, Martin.
I am running on a Windows 10 laptop.
I can confirm that it picked up the HRM, it also said that it was connected to the trainer.
It was showing “–” on cadence and power.
In general, I have had a lot of issues getting the trainer to connect to the app - often have to turn the trainer on and off, close and open the app, and reboot the PC. I am not seeing the same issues with the Tacx app so I don’t think it is an issue with the laptop or BT connection per se.


Is this problem isolated to the ProRides? Does the trainer connect normally doing other types of workout?

Ok, we probably need to do a set of screenshots here.

A Win10 laptop with Bluetooth enabled should be fine.

A few things to check - the Tacx app must be fully closed (to test this fully can you switch your phone off that was running the tacx app). If it has a hold of the Neo2T, then any other app won’t be able to read (Bluetooth) power (I don’t think). And sometimes there are weird things in all these hardware connections where appsn(not just SYSTM by the way - same applies to all the apps) where they can see a bit of hardware but aren’t really connecting.

So that’s one thing (and switch off anything else that could in theory be looking at that trainer - eg any other software in the laptop or such like?)

Once we’ve got that stuff done - I think it would be handy to do a restart of the laptop and bring up any old workout and send us a link of the device connection screen and the workout running, just in case that tells us anything.

Are you trying to dial run any other training software by the way like Zwift/FulGaz or such like?

The Tacx app is definitely closed.
I only use it on the same laptop as Systm.
i did a number of restarts of both trainer and laptop and restarted them in alternating sequences. At random I got a connection all of a sudden - believe I turned on the trainer first and then started the app.
I also use the Tacx trainer app with no problems. I don’t use other SW for the trainer.

I have not had the problem on the old Sufferfest videos nor on the few SF I did on Systm. Therefore I wondered if I had misunderstood how the prorides work, and if indeed it was by design that I could not see my own numbers.

Now that I know that I am supposed to see them I’ll see what happens next time I work out on the trainer which if I am lucky won’t be for a few days weather permitting :slight_smile: .

Will post my experiences here - thanks so far.

One thing to do that will aid in troubleshooting is to remove the device. Close down the app and restart it. Then try to readd the device. You should be able to do this WITHOUT rebooting your laptop. If you can’t something else has grabbed the device and won’t let go. I had this with a TICKR and the Kinetic App. Even though it was removed from the screen on my phone, it was not letting go of the Heart Rate monitor. I had to force close the application to make it let go. Same can happen with Windows10/11. That’s why a connection test is the first step in troubleshooting

I’ll definitely try this next time I ride!

OK, tried another session on Prorides. I had no problems connecting, and no problems seeing my numbers. The only difference was that there was an update to Systm which I applied. Either they fixed it or the previous issue was just a glitch in the matrix.

Thanks for helping out everyone.


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