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I’m sure Martin if most of the Pro Rides are taken from breakaways in the last few years I doubt most of us would know the riders unless it was ver memorable like at one of the Grand Tours but even then would you really remember Gino Mader or Taco Van Der Hoorn winning a stage ?

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I did Tour of Norway 1 yesterday and absolutely loved it. I found it very immersive and highly motivational. I’ll be doing the rest in the coming weeks and would welcome more of these. Great job :+1:


Yes I would (but already knew them before)

I recognize a lot of the riders in the pro riders, that’s what makes it fun (also love the little arrows with the riders names, for the ones I didn’t recognize)


Just did the ProRides TTT last night.

Loved the whole experience!

It’s fantastic to actually be able to dip your toes into what it really feels like to perform at pro level with 4DP.

Even though I was barely pushing half the watts of Max Walscheid, in the second half of the race i had a very hard time not to loose my stomach contents. It felt like forever to the finish line.

Great job guys!
Definitely love to see more of that stuff in the library! Keep pushing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The pro rides are fun, but they could be even better with music rather than natural race sound. The music in the Sufferfest videos is fantastic and inspires me to ride harder. At least give users the option to choose music vs. natural sounds in the pro ride videos.


I did the UAE Tour yesterday evening as my first ProRide in SYSTM and I’m really torn. The workout was really intense. Even though the route is probably not the most scenic one I liked it.
But there are two aspects that I didn’t like.

The narrator at the beginning and end was pretty much demotivating because she sounded like a CEO reading the annual report and not like an typically emotional sports presenter. Ok, this could easily solved by muting the audio during this part.

The second problem I had is the way the DS interrupted the race. I really like the sufferfest videos where a real onboard camera shows a real DS. But this visibly fake DS sitting somewhere in a parking car totally killed the immersion for me. The fake dashboard graphics aren’t any better. Maybe I have been working for far to long in the onair graphics area but I can’t stand fake footage and it puts me directly into uncanny valley.
So whenever I ‘dived’ into the video/immersion and became a part of it I was interrupted by those fake scenes and was ripped out of the immersion. Sadly this can’t be switched off by muting the audio.

So I’m torn now. I would really like to try the other pro rides but I fear that they might have similar DS overlays/interruptions.

One last thing. Should the scroller during the narration at the beginning really being extremely jerky?

Thanks for the feedback all.
A few answers where I can answer

@jmbloom : “The pro rides are fun, but they could be even better with music rather than natural race sound.” >>> the angle we’ve taken is to offer as immersive an experience as possible by getting folks to experience the sight and sound of the peloton. It’s also with an eye on where we want to take that content and how we aim to produce it in the future.

@kah: thanks for your input and sorry this isn’t working 100% for you. But if we’re at around 80% then you should try the other ones. The narrator is Eurosport/GCN racing commentator José Been. We will work on improving graphics as we go :slight_smile:

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Norway 2 today, second ProRide (After UAE). Good stuff, gets you really into racing mode. But i personally think some optional music sequences (our Fan cheering) at certain points of the Race could give an extra kick (i.e. in this damn sprint in the end). All in all, more from this stuff please !

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I was really surprised the first time I heard her in English. Het commentary in Dutch was really awful but in English I quite enjoy her commentary (also on Eurosport/GCN+)

Just wanted to give some appreciation for Norway 1. Rode it for the first time today and it is just perfect!

Only the second pro ride for me - I rode what’s now Norway 2 as part of the 2021 ToS and for a second time shortly before disappearing off to ride outside for most of the year. Loved Norway 2 at the time but Norway 1 is even better.

The José Been commentary seemed natural and authentic and I was very happy with the DS instructions. Really liked the large animated “surge” graphic, also good to have Alexandr’s live data appearing from time to time.

Yes, some of the on-screen scrolling text wasn’t super smooth but then again if you ever watch the uninterrupted live feed on Eurosport there’s plenty of picture breakups and all sorts of things that are not quite perfect so (slightly) jerky text isn’t exactly inauthentic.

Really looking forward to riding some more of these - minor point but the only thing I would change is to have a longer cool down at the end. Not really a problem - I’m running on a PC so it’s only a moment to hit the space bar, move the playback head back and hit space bar again.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this video! :grinning: :clap: :clap: :clap: :grinning:


I did norway 1 and 2 this weekend. I really enjoyed them. Like a few have mentioned it is rather humbling and awe inspiring seeing the actual watts of the pro at given times.
One possible improvement is either getting rid of the free wheeling icon or enabling the video to continue if you stop pedaling.

Whenever I see Pro numbers on the bike, I like to remind myself that I’m far better at my chosen sport than Pro riders are at my chosen sport. We can’t all be great.



If you turn off auto pause in the settings tab the video should continue to play when you stop pedaling.

Screenshot 2021-11-21 223748

Same here! I just rode Strade Bianchi and the MAP portion at around 1h30(ish) blew me up. I had to dial it down to 95% and still finished barely touching the power targets.

@Francois-Wahoo it would be nice if we had a fueling strategy recommendation on the long pro-rides as well as is done on long Sufferfest videos, e.g., It Seemed Like Thin Air.


I did Norway 1 yesterday, first hour thought I coped alright but it was a sledgehammer for the last 30 mins!

When I uploaded to Strava however it didn’t bring a thumbnail with it? Not sure if this was a one off, but I think this would be a good opportunity to get some attention from non Suff strava users

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Just to let you know I love the workouts and the intro and final commentary from José Been. Combined with the Kickr climb these are really immersive and on the circuit races (Giro Donne & Hammer Climb) you really look forward to the descents.

Best moment so far was Tosh Van der Sande’s choice words for the attack(er) during the Strade Bianche. I was really laughing when not absolutely blowing up! Never been so pleased to be caught and dropped!

I’ve been thinking of a ProRide’s Tour of Sufferlandria but not sure a Full Nuclear option would be achievable!!


Ride London. Is that a new one??

I don’t see Ride London on my list @leebo its still the same 7 that were there originally

Great idea! Especially if there was the option to choose music or race sounds.

I did the Tour of Norway (II) last ToS and thought it was pretty cool. It’s not a super hard workout and only an hour long. It served as a kind of a “recovery day” during the Tour of Suf. More recently I had UAE Tour 1 on a day after some intense interval training. It was too much tempo & sub and over threshold given the shape my legs were in that day. Regardless, I enjoyed doing Norway at the time. I thought it was kinda cool. The DS was often engaging and it was a new and unique experience. The UAE, well, I was tired and the video was not terribly engaging. I got bored, and frustrated at turning down the intensity. I would have done well to have a recovery day before that one. I see Strade Bianche 1 coming up on my calendar this weekend. At least the day prior is a recovery day, but this will be almost 2 full hours of pro ride. We’ll see how engaging it is. It could go either way. I’m wondering if the novelty factor has worn off so soon. Lastly, the camera attached to a bike is often bouncing around and rocking side to side making an unpleasant and sometimes nauseating viewing experience. I’m not sure how to get around that issue. Helmet and body mounted cameras would have their own set of drawbacks, I’m sure.