Quantum Entanglement, Spacetime, and Why Sport Needs You

Quantum Entanglement, Spacetime, and Why Sport Needs You

I am in the middle of reading this book, and all of a sudden the author takes a huge left turn and introduces the concept of nondualism, or interconnectedness, supported by Quantum Theory. I’m intrigued so I read on. But before I discuss how this relates to sport, allow me to give a brief and very simplistic synopsis of Quantum Theory and Quantum Entanglement.

We all know that everything is made of atoms. We learned this in grade school science class. Atoms are extremely small, and are often defined as the building blocks of matter. Everything we can see, feel, touch, all solids, liquids, and gases are made up of atoms. Now, what makes up atoms has changed a lot since I was in grade school. Or rather, the theories that were being proposed and pondered by Einstein and others, are now able to be observed in the laboratory. The theory I am referring to is Quantum Mechanics. It turns out that atoms are made of subatomic particles. But wait, we’ve known this, electrons, neutrons, and protons, right? Yes, but there are more, a lot more, and how they behave is quite shocking.

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of how light behaves like a particle, and also behaves like a wave, but if not let me give you a brief history. Newton first described light as a particle. And then Christiaan Huygens theorized that light was actually a wave, and the wave property of light was demonstrated by Thomas Young’s famous double-slit experiment. And the debate on whether light was a particle or a wave seemed to come to rest when James Clerk Maxwell described light as waves with his electromagnetic wave equations. But then Einstein came around and theorized about a photoelectric effect that was ultimately proven to be true by American physicist Robert Millikan, which gave way to the concept of photons, tiny packages of energy, that have particle behavior. Thus the true advent of the Wave-Particle Duality of Light, which paved the way for the theory of wave-particle duality of all matter, and has led us to Quantum Theory, where we now understand particles to sometimes have wave like behavior and at other times particles behave like particles, as described in classical physics.

Ok, that’s neat, you might be thinking. But, what does all of this have to do with why sport needs me? Hold on, I will get to that, but in order to understand the connection we must go deeper into the Quantum realm into Quantum Entanglement. So, we’ve established that all things in the known universe are made up of atoms, and subatomic particles make up atoms. And these subatomic particles have this wave-particle duality to them, where sometimes they behave like waves and sometimes they behave like particles. It turns out an observer plays a huge role in this behavior, and that the very act of observing causes subatomic particles to behave like a particle rather than a wave. That’s weird, but wait, it gets even weirder.

Scientists, especially ones at Caltech, which is where I turned to read more up on Quantum Mechanics, wanted to understand how all of these subatomic particles relate to one another and further explored the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement! This is a state in which these particles become connected in such a way that they behave in exactly the same way, even regardless of how much distance there is between the particles. When observing entangled particles, let’s call them particles A and B, from a certain orientation, would result in both particles leaving the wave-like state of what is called Superposition, and would display identical characteristics. One such characteristic is the polarization, or the direction of vibration. So, if Particle A is observed from a specific orientation and is observed to be displaying up-spin polarization, when a second observer observes Particle B from the same orientation, Particle B will have the exact same polarization. Now, if the observer of Particle A changes the angle of observation, Particle A will go back to Superposition, and then there will be a 50/50 chance of which direction Particle A will be spinning upon observation, either up or down. If Particle A is now in down-spin polarization, when the observer of Particle B changes its observation to the same orientation as the observer of Particle A, Particle B will have exactly the same polarization of down-spin. This mirrored behavior happens every time, without fail, seemingly instantaneous, i.e. faster than speed of light. This is because the two particles are not communicating with one another, they are thought to be as one object, inexorably connected. And this phenomenon, where we are observing true connectedness of particles across vast distances, known as Quantum Entanglement, could be the very link that is needed to unify the theory of General Relativity and Quantum Physics, and is now thought to be the glue that holds space and time together!

So, at an extreme fundamental level there are these energetic relationships and connections. And these connected and entangled particles are believed to be the glue of spacetime, the individual threads that weave together the fabric of our very existence. Take a minute and really let that soak in. We are, at the subatomic level, connected. We really are in this together. And I don’t mean like those lame patronizing advertisements, I mean in our existence, in our experience, there is a web of subatomic entanglement that we are all part of. And whether or not we decide to jump on the turbo and exhibit discipline, accept the inner call that beckons us to be challenged, provide the kind, supportive, and encouraging words to a teammate or fellow athlete matters. We are part of a lineage, a long line contenders and challengers, competitors and champions. And our connection and contribution to sport is both important and extremely valuable. What we do, the choices we make, matter. Our choice to participate and to continue to effort and strive towards our goals not only makes a difference in our lives, making us healthy and happier, and helping us to grow and transform in ways we might not even dreamed of, but it also makes a huge difference in the lives around us, of those that we are quantumly entangled with. Our actions can inspire others, and set in motion the actualization of positive potentials. We can never know to what extent, to what magnitude, the impact of our behavior will be. But what we are beginning to understand at a subatomic level is that we are entangled, and that the ripples of our actions will be felt. What you do matters.

Do you feel connected to your experience? Do you feel the deeply woven, subatomic entanglement to spacetime? Let’s connect over some positive experiences. Can you think of a time where you really felt connected? What was it like and what effect did it have on you and others?


@WahooCoach_Corey The Tour of Sufferfest comes to mind. There is definitely a feeling of connection with the effect of pressing on through the challenge to stay with the group.


Man, at LEAST let me get my morning cup of coffee into me first! You need to warn a guy, professor.



To paraphrase from my favourite Tv show, I Want To Believe and Trust No One

Which book are you reading, the one by Carroll?

A very interesting thought. And I find it best related to the bike, but outdoors. Sunny warm day , 2-3 mph tail wind and flat road with scenery. One feels one with the bike and the world. Like floating. Also in a pace line that’s smooth and suddenly theres just tires on tarmac, and chains humming. No one talks;it’s one big organism. Why we keep coming back. I told my Rabbi it’s like being in a cathedral as we rolled down a sunny rail trail with overhanging trees ( we were on a ride ) and he nodded some agreement.


And with a single post @WahooCoach_Corey raises the bar of all future posts on the SYSTM forum….


But we still don’t understand the Sufferlandrian time warp. Why does FF take forever, and yet only last for 26 minutes and 14 seconds of effort? I’m thinking it’s quads-pedal entanglement, but lack the mathematical skills to offer a proof.


As if it was possible.


Actually I was reading Rob Bell’s latest book.

Exactly! Right on, very beautiful. I love it :blush:

I have an answer to that. It’s very simple. It’s simply that the last 20 seconds of the AC test actually take over half an hour. Or they certainly feel like it.

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For me, the experience that comes to mind is being a part of my 2 mile relay team, my junior year at Grandville High School, in west Michigan. The four of us were all pretty close, and there was this chemistry, this tangible unspoken connection between us. Our team was competing at the Regional Meet after an entire spring track season of practicing and competing. The gun went off and so did our lead man, running a solid 2:00 for his 800m split, and we were neck and neck, tied for first. A smooth as butter handoff gave way to our next runner, matching stride for stride our competition, both vying for the lead, both coming in with another solid 2:00 split. The next handoff was to me, my mind went clear, there was only task at hand, run. The effort was so excruciating, there was no energy, no capacity to think, just be, just do. I could feel this tug however, it was a pull. Heck, maybe it was a prayer from my teammates being answered in realtime. Either way, I had this sense that it was my turn to give whatever it took to keep us vying for first place. I finished my split in 2:01, and with legs burning and lungs ready to explode, I handed the baton off to our anchor. He was a talented and truly exceptional runner, and was able to accelerate our team to the lead, giving him the inside lane of the track. Our competition was nipping his heels, doing everything they could to fight their way back into first. Our anchor closed the deal, sprinting the final stretch, and safely securing the win with a 1:58 split, earning our team a spot at the State Meet and claiming our school record. We did it. It was a truly beautiful and powerful experience in endurance sports, where we were part of a team. Where we felt the duty and responsibility to one another to give everything we had to our common goal. Our excitement and our joy at our accomplishment was sweet. And it is an experience I will also remember, being connected with those guys, working together with those guys. I feel very grateful to have been part of it.


It’s not on the Suffering scale but I remember by best ever day on skis. The whole resort was a total blizzard, but I had a local guide for the day. We were the only people on the lift and the only people in the restaurant at the top. We climbed off the balcony into 5 feet of snow and trudged round the back. The rear side of the mountain had no lifts, no pistes. It also had no people, clear blue skies and untouched powder. We spent an entire day there and saw no one else. The snow was perfect and every turn put a smile on my face. I’ve never skied so well, never enjoyed a day as much, never heard so little. It was as perfect as you could get. I was exhausted when we finished but didnt feel it at all whilst we were out. That was years ago and I’ve had plenty of good days since but that was The Day.


Isn’t high level intellectual discussion the best way to slow down someone you can’t keep up with ?


Maybe an even more existential question? Is the magical feel of my Pegoretti because Dario was uniquely able to attune the bike to the universal harmonic or is it simply because I believe it to be so? Or, perhaps because I believe it to be so, I can channel the universe if only for a short time. This discussion requires wine or beer. :grin:


It looks as if Coach-Corey could have a new job explaining the science behind the Systm workouts so we can have a long read as we ride

In my x/c team there were two identical twins.They lived together, worked together, ate together and as far as I know, no friendship of anyone else was allowed to get between them.Back to the race, only one of them was competing.Men and woman were racing together but had a different finishing area.I was one of the first finishers, and stood with twin 1 at the finish.Twin 2 came into view racing alongside a women, one would inch ahead then the other, eyes like organ stops, twin 1 screaming for his brother.Keep right he shouted, so his brother would finish in the male finish.twin 2 on the other hand was facing the opposite direction and needed to keep left.Over he went, in a heap of mud yards from the finish.So much for connectivness. It was the funniest sight I had seen in a long time