The science works, thank you!

I’m a relative newcomer to Systm, having become disillusioned with Zwift training plans.
Shortly after arrival here, your 4DP test identified my strengths and more importantly for me, my weakenesses. I’ve just finished my second three week training plan, which were tailored toward improving my weaknesses (AC & MAP) and today I’ve done a half monty.

I’m pleased to report that I saw a small increase in my FTP score and an increase of 30 in my MAP score.

This gives my confidence that your science works, the coaches know what they’re doing and I look forward to my next Systm training plan :+1:🚴‍♂


kudos to you! keep it up! :+1:t2:

Great to have you here, Pete! And fantastic to hear about the gains you’ve experienced. We take the science pretty seriously here – be sure to listen to some of our new podcast, The Knowledge:


Really glad you’re enjoying using SYTSM Pete!