Questions & frustrations

I’ve been using the SUF app for about a year and now and loved it and used the SYSTM app since it launched and I’m finding some things a little frustrating since the change. I’m using a tacx flow smart with my iPad on the front of the bike running the app.

I’m finding auto-pause either very slow or just doesn’t work, not sure if it’s my set up or not.

You use to be able to control the music volume separately from the narrative volume, I think, whereas now its all in one. I like to have the music as background but the volume high enough to hear Mike Cottys words of wisdom (mostly relevant to the old videos), but now to hear Mikes narrative I have to have the music blasting out which is really irritating. Is this likely to change in the future? The new on location videos are really good though.

You used to be able to cancel the settings screen by tapping anywhere on the iPad screen but now I have to tap on the gear icon, which is tough when riding the bike at the same time and frustrating as I loose concentration trying to tap the icon multiple times because my hand is unsteady, again is this likely to change?

As others have mentioned you cannot easily see when you last completed a session, this was really useful for unstructured days - start riding to warm up, scroll through training videos, see when you last did one etc etc, I really miss this.

It also seems to take longer to recognise the BT connection to the my trainer, old app was pretty instant. Not sure what may have changed.

I appreciate the need to rebrand, change and impose the corporate wahoo image, but the quirkiness of SUF was one of pluses in using it and I had none of the frustrations above. I hope it’s just teething problems and clearly these are only minor albeit irritating issues.

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