Strange issue with ‘on location’ workout

Hi, all.

First time trying SYSTM today (have also never used Sufferfest) and thought I’d start off with an on-location ride up Lac de-Cap-de-Long. This is advertised as a 1h25m ride.

I was 30 minutes in and the audio told me we were an hour into the climb. I then realised that the graph at the bottom seemed to begin in the middle of the screen. The whole thing took just under 45 minutes.

Did I do something to miss the first 40 minutes?

When selecting to do it again, it shows 1h25m remaining and the graph at the bottom is across the entire screen…


I wonder if you accidentally clicked on the graph while in pause mode as that moves the workout position to where you click.

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You’re right! Just tried it.

However, it wasn’t intentional. What must’ve happened is it moved along when I swiped up (iOS) to temporarily go back to the homescreen. Any swipe up while in-pause treats the gesture like a tap on the graph.



Yup. Swipes have gotten me in trouble in the past. I try to stick to keyboard shortcuts now when on the bike.

Definitely something that needs fixing, then!

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This has gotten me, too. And on a No-Vid it’s harder to notice.

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I didn’t even notice with the video on. I think mostly because I was riding for a good couple of minutes with a black screen because the video stream wouldn’t load after I went back into the app!

Downloading first in future!

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