Race in 5 weeks

Hey gang

Looking for some input here. I have an eight hour mountain bike race in five weeks (May 15) and I’m wonder what about a training plan/guidance. I finished the ToS and JUST completed my Knighthood on Sunday. I’m planning to recover for a few days and then get back at it.

Any suggestions (most of the training plans are longer than four/five weeks).


Add any building block plan, but use the end date not start date and set it to this Sunday to get in an active recovery week, then add a Threshold 3:1 block, which should taper you in to the race?


Brilliant. Thanks @Jon

@Joey_Roa Those two doses, ToS and Knighthood, are pretty sufficient for big one-day race prep. Continue ‘normal’ training without feeling like you need to overdo it. One more big day of ~5 hrs 2-3 weeks out is plenty of stimulus for the 8 hr mtb. In the meantime I would encourage cadence work, both high and low, and at least once a week. Workouts like G.O.A.T, power station, as well as No-Vid 3 sets of 6 30/90s are great examples, along with cadence drills. Or as @Jon mentioned, one of the building block plans would also be great. The main thing going into a long day is to be fresh. A longer taper/recovery will serve you much better than a little “extra” training. Congratulations on Knighthood!


Thanks @Coach.Jeff.H Good advice. I suffer from the same affliction as many here of feeling the need for “just a bit more training”!