Fitting a plan in 7 weeks


I have an “event” (MTB weekend, group rides with friends) in less than twelve weeks that I wanted to get ready for, which is what most training plans assume. I wanted to double check if my approach to adjusting an existing plan:

Starting from the 12 week XC MTB plan, moderate volume - 2:1 I would:

-Keep the first and second block (6 weeks total)
-Move the last week of the plan (taper week) up to the week with the event

Does that make sense? Do I need to tweak or adjust anything else?


Sure that makes sense. Or you just set the end date of your plan to the date of your event and pick up where it starts, so middle blocks.


If it was me, and I was also coming off the ToS, I’d do the post ToS plan, get tested, then add the MTB plan with a finish date of the date of the event.
That way, I’d recover from Tour, then start the more intense last 6weeks of the MTB plan with fresh numbers, but it still leaves a taper at the end before the event.

Just my thoughts, good luck!

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I’m not exactly coming off the ToS, more like coming off some inactivity :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:

@Maximus ,
You’ve got the right idea. You don’t want to jump into the middle of a plan after a period of inactivity. Have fun with it and enjoy your MTB weekend!



Nice, so you really do need to ‘Beat your Ar5e’.
Just stick the plan in with the right end date, and get suffering!

Maybe do Recharger tonight, just to remind yourself how the Flogging Stations work in an easing yourself back in kind of way :muscle::biking_man:

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