Reach adjust on Ultegra shifters

I’ve got a 2018 Trek Emonda SL6 which according to the specs I’ve found comes with Ultegra R8000 (don’t know where to look too confirm version number).

I’ve just found out they are supposed to have reach adjust but what I see doesn’t match the manuals or videos I’ve watched. The Shimano manual says 2mm hex, the videos mostly say flat head screwdriver.

There is a 2mm hex hole, but that takes off a cap that has oil in it so it isn’t that. There is also a small torx screw but I’ve not got a torx screwdriver to fiddle with that one and it is in the wrong place based on videos.

Can anyone look at these photos and tell me what I need to do?

The black hole on the top is the 2mm hex.

The silver is the torx screw.

This is the Shimano manual.

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Not a mechanic and never adjusted these so the only help I can offer is to suggest you purchase a new bike :wink:


R8000 is the mechanical rim brake version if there is an oil reservoir on you levers I assume you have the disc brake version which is R8020, try this manual.

After watching a lot of videos, turns out I’ve got R8070 with the adjuster underneath.

It would help if they had a sticker on with the version.

My shifter covers have tears in them and I want to replace them, but since I’m still isolating I can’t just walk into a bike shop and they aren’t labeled so I have no idea what to order. Maybe some day I’ll call VeloFix and have them come to me…

Seems like a really simple thing to print a model number somewhere on each part.

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