Recommended training programme for LeJog

Hi all and HNY!

I’ve decided on my annual ‘challenge’ for next year, and after it being wrecked last year by covid induced fitness level reductions, then too much work to bring them back up again, I’ve gone long and slow, so a 7 day LeJog (Lands End to John O’Groats) ride. It’s about 1,000 miles, so only about 140 miles/ day.

Question for the castle: what’s the best training programme for such a ride? I’m starting from a reasonable base level of fitness, so daily distances don’t worry me, it’s more the cumulative effects!


I used the 200 gravel grinder as prep. Loved the ride. Get a couple of long back to backs to practice/refine your off the bike routines and have a great time


Thanks - will get going once the Turkey has been digested! :joy:

I’ve done a lot of long-distance stuff off the back of the Climbing programme, and/or the Mountainous Grand fondo. But if the daily distances of 140 miles don’t bother you, then it’s not really the cycling training you need to worry about.

I find the yoga & core strength stuff helps the most - get a decent posture on the bike and maintain flexibility, and you’ll enjoy the later days a lot more. And my number one tip for multi-day trips like this is a massage of the legs. Lie on your back with your legs in the air, and massage from feet to hips. Removes the next day stiffness like nothing else.

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