London to Paris

Hi, I am doing London to Paris is 4 days - I am roughly following the Mountain Fondo plan, alterations made for 50-80 mile outdoor rides when the weather has been good, 8 miles daily hiking whilst on holiday etc. But I am panicking a bit - have I done enough, what else should I do in the next 14 days I have left. Should I just stick to the Mountain Fondo plan or should I do 3 back to back 60 mile rides this week for hours in the saddle training?

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Am I correct in thinking that this a multi-day event with distance of ~80 miles/day?

If so, have you done any back to back rides?

If not, and if you are able to do it soon (like today!), you could do two longer rides in a row. This would help you understand how you need to approach nutrition both on and off the bike for endurance over multiple days. But then you should taper off so that you are at your strongest in two weeks.

Even if you haven’t done back to back rides before, consider your recent training volume and current level of fatigue. You may be better served by sticking with the plan. It may be comforting to consider that the hay is pretty much in the barn at this point and training hard now will merely tire you out.

If you have done some back to back rides, even in the past, and know how to fuel your rides, then I’d say just follow the plan. Tapering is emotionally difficult but physically necessary!

Enjoy your ride and let us know how it went!


Yes it is 4 days of approx 80 miles/days.
Yes I have done many back to back rides including 6 days of 50-85 miles in May.
So your advice would be just follow the plan from now.
Thank you :pray:t2:

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Are you taking the ferry across the channel?

You’re in great shape, then! Good job!

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Yes we are going from Dover to Calais

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You will smash it! I just did L2P this weekend (currently sitting in a hotel room in Paris) after following the Mountain Fondo plan pretty closely. Despite missing almost two weeks in the middle due to travelling, and a back muscle strain 3 weeks before the trip, by really trusting in the recovery and tapering week, I was able to give the ride my all. We made it from Big Ben to the Eiffel Tower in 24 hours including ferry travel time (London - Newhaven - Dieppe - Paris).

I’d say at this stage don’t try to add on extra miles which will just build up your fatigue. Spend more time than scheduled on mental strength. Get some good stretching habits in. Remind yourself you’ve done all the hard work already – a few more miles now will not make the difference.

Aside from training, some thoughts for when you’re actually doing it

  • eat and drink ALL THE TIME. I had one bottle with iso powder and one with plain water, and I prioritised the iso every time.
  • when it hurts, and it feels like you’re the only one hurting, that’s your mind talking – everyone else is hurting too
  • every painful climb will have a glorious descent to follow
  • giving other people encouragement will make you feel stronger
  • you will sleep like a baby at the end of it!

Good luck, and have fun!

EDIT: I noticed you are a KoS – as you have done that, there is NOTHING on London to Paris that will get in your way!


Thank you for the support.
And an amazing achievement for you too. Well done!


Well I made it from London to Paris in 4 days.
My training paid off - I had no problems on the bike or “recovering” for the next day to repeat!
I have had 1 day of rest in Paris watching the Tour come in - I now feel like getting on my bike again :grin:


Huzzah, Dame Linda.