Subtitles in Inspiration Videos

I love the idea of the Inspiration videos for recovery rides. I normally have a difficult time staying motivated and keeping my power down on recovery rides. Setting the trainer to ERG and keeping my focus on the video would be an awesome way to stay disciplined - if only the user experience were better.

The audio in these videos is not mixed for playing in a noisy environment. Between my wheel-on trainer, drivetrain, and fan, trying to make out what’s said in the videos is um… frustrating.

For example, I can understand Mike Cotty just fine in Getting Away With It, but I gave up on Across the Mountains today about 10 minutes in. (mumble mumble Izoard… what? turns up volume LOUD WIND NOISE arrgh! loads Zwift instead) :wink:


@NickD Great point and this has come up before in another thread and it looks like it is in the works:


How can the subtitles be toggled off?

FWIW: I always wear earbuds riding the trainer to attenuate extraneous noise and concentrate better on the workout. Even so, I often find my self resorting to reading the subtitles. Sometimes I miss something in the vid and wish I could back up the vid 10-20 seconds without affecting the workout.