Would love another video recovery ride

Aside from ‘Getting away with it’, video recovery rides are scarce on Sufferfest, and performing most at reduced % doesn’t feel right.

Would love a group ride video through couchlandria for those days after full Monty, nine hammers, or the shovel, maybe with a doughnut stop along the way.

After reading what I wrote I can see I’ve opened myself for abuse, but on recovery days I tend to sneak over to Zwift to get in some easy miles.

Anyone else?


I use the Open series of videos for this purpose


Defender, The Way Out, and Who Dares are my go to. I lower the intensity to around 75% or lower get enough intensity in spots to flush the legs and then have long periods of a nice easy pace.


Endurance+ is a good recovery spin

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I like this idea! Something with great footage and nice music? Perhaps some fast spin work in the middle that would help flush out the tired, old legs?


I kind of agree. The 30 minute Active Recovery video can get dull when using it as my recovery ride almost every day, although it does help with mental focus.

I’ve used Endurance+ for long rides, but that doesn’t have music or video. I’ve used the Open series including the Open 120 for long and recovery rides. It has video, but no music. So, I do like this idea. It would be nice to have another 30-60 minute active recovery video with a video and music that isn’t a reduced workout or a workout that’s missing either music or video or both. Because as easy as it is to use another workout on severely reduced intensity, it always feels a little weird to get instructions to push it or sprint or stand when I’m trying to ride easy.


This is a good point. While we do have options in there, everyone would love to have more options. Rest assured the minions on the content team are hard at work!


I always do the Endurance+ and have Youtube on the background, easy peasy :sweat_smile:


This is a great Idea! Would love a nice group peleton ride through picturesque European villages.

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I like doing the cure at 70%AC/MAP 75%FTP, for a more interesting 30min recovery. I call it the reCUREvery


I usually have YouTube or Netflix on when doing recovery. They are the only workouts where I’m not chewing stem and can actually pay attention to whatever I’m watching.